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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guru's Banana Leaf Cuisine

Here's another quickshot for you kiddies.
Something that simple but I'm sure a lot of you really enjoy...

So my darling wife and I were in Changi Village to run an errand and decided we'd have some breakfast.
Nasi Lemak? Lontong? Mee Siam? Hmmmm.... so many choices....
But we eventually decided to settle on a place that my Dad, my brother and myself had chanced upon when we had gone fishing a few months back...

Roti Prata Kosong ($0.80) and Roti Prata Telur ($1.50)
Now doesn't that just look like the type of breakfast you'd really enjoy?
Simple and comfortable!! It's universal!

Now I know there are many many many many places where you can get prata and I'm pretty sure most of you have your own opinion on where has the best prata am I right? Well, I'm pretty particular too but I am willing to admit that there are quite a large number of places where you can get decent prata.

In Changi Village, this is our venue of choice (until something better comes along?)
The prata is crisp and fresh looks damn inviting. And I have to say that even though there are plenty of prata stalls around Singapore, it's getting increasingly difficult to find one that still sells at the relatively low prices offered at Guru's Banana Leaf.

Even better still - the prata comes with friends!
A nice big serving of dalcha and sambal to go along with your roti prata is always a winner.
The dalcha has all the trimmings and the sambal was actually pretty nice and that always goes well with prata am I right?

If you're looking for more than just plain or egg prata, they pretty much have the works in case you were wondering... Cheese, Tissue, Masala, Egg Cheese, Mushroom, Hotdog, Masala, Bom. The list goes on!

Masala Paper Thosai ($3.00)
The last time I stopped by with my Dad and brother, I had the Masala Paper Thosai and I could safely say that it was "Boleh tahan" standard so I decided to have it again.

As usual, it was huge and made for a filling meal. Comes with coconut chutney (mint and spicy) and some dalcha too. But for some reason, today there was a slight issue...

Now, I don't mean to be a complain king or anything but to me that's like really really bad.
It's like really a little bit of masala only! It definitely wasn't like this the last time...

And further to this, the masala was unfortunately salty AND it was dry too.
Thankfully I enjoyed the crispy flour.

Oh well. Maybe better luck next time?

Or maybe next time I might go back to this place for my thosai...

Adam's Verdict:
Paper Masala Thosai 1.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Roti Prata 4/5

Maybe I should start a hunt for the best prata?
But I think that hunt might never end actually... So in the mean time let's stick to the ones we know are good.

Guru's Banana Leaf Cuisine

Blk 1 Changi Village

Operating Hours:
6.00am til 11.00pm Daily


  1. Dude: review Saffron's in Tampines st23. Their prata plaster and maggi goreng will blow your mind. Peace.

    1. Oh trust me. Saffron has blown my mind many many times over!! Haha

      Saffron remains our favourite prata place of all time. Hopefully we can officially review it soon!!

  2. Is this place halal certified? I hope you guys review halal certified restaurant. Misleading information leads to Moslems eating based on your recommendations. I suggest you do your homework in future before recommending.

    1. Hi Concerned :)

      There's no need to be concerned. We are called 'The Halal Food Blog' and AND NOT CALLED 'The Halal-Certified Eateries Blog'. :)

      Some of the places we review do not hold a Halal certificate from MUIS. Some are Muslim-owned. Some are certified by other bodies. The Halal Food Blog Team does not guarantee anything and all information at time of review are accurate.

      It is the responsibility and onus of each individual to ascertain and be comfortable with the Halal status of an eatery before indulging. The Halal Food Blog does not make this decision for anyone...
      This is explained clearly in the following post;

      Hope you enjoyed reading the blog and thank you for your feedback.

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog