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Friday, August 2, 2013

Ramadhan Special 2013: Nasi Tomato

Hey everyone! Just a quickie here for you.
We received an email from Lynn a few days ago to recommend some Nasi Tomato!

Apparently there's a stall in Bedok that is selling Nasi Tomato that Lynn says is "uber delicious" (aka The Bomb in my language) but it's only going to be offered during this fasting month period. Since there was only like about a week to go, I figured I'd better make my way down ASAP!

Nasi Tomato with Daging Rendang ($5.00)
Now that's a pretty picture isn't it?

So anyways this is a special set-up in front of an actual stall called Nur Indah's Kitchen/Abang Wan's Roti John at the market in Bedok North (across the road from the Bedok Stadium) and it's only going to be around until this weekend (4th August) before they pack it up.

They have quite a number of special dishes on offer including Briyani, Ayam Penyet and even Mee Bakso but I was there to sample Lynn's recommendation - Nasi Tomato!

The picture above was taken just after I got the food which was freshly packed after I ordered.

You actually have a choice of what you'd like to go with your Nasi Tomato, Firstly it's either beef or chicken and then you decide which style of meat you'd like.

For example, you have Rendang or Briyani style for the beef and you have briyani or masak merah style for the chicken.

 On top of the rice and meat, you'll also get some dalcha and some acar as well. Two types of acar for you to choose from. It's either the Acar Timun you get with Briyani or the Acar Tomato seen in the picture above.

A word of advice though - remind them to separate the meat and acar from the rice since you'll need to keep it for quite awhile before iftar time.

The beef and chicken were actually pretty nice! Well cooked and tasty. The chicken in particular was very flavourful and not over-cooked. The beef was good but the portion was a little small (for a meat lover like myself of course). The dalcha went well with the dish and definitely packed a punch in terms of flavour.

The tomato rice itself was a little hard though. This might be due to the fact that we had to keep it and then eat it later maybe? I bought it at around 1pm and kept it in the fridge before heating it up via 'kukus' method just before iftar time. Not sure if that was the cause of it?

Anyways if you're not fussy like me then you will have no problems. The rice was tasty and definitely worthy of a recommendation (unless you don't like hard rice of course).

Adam's Verdict:
Nasi Tomato Daging Rendang 2.5/5 -- Nasi Tomato Daging Rendang 3/5

I've actually only had Nasi Tomato one other time which is when my Dad cooked it at home.
I hear it's really actually quite troublesome to make for some reason so if you can find a good one, you should definitely try it.

But just remember - you only have 3 more days til the stall closes on 4 August!
Thanks to Lynn for the recommendation! Keep them coming in guys!

Nur Indah's Kitchen/Abang Wan's Roti John

Blk 59 New Upper Changi Road
Marketplace@59 #01-187

Operating Hours:
12.00pm til 7.00pm (until 4 August only)


  1. Your blog is having an effect on the sales of this stall... Food keeps getting sold out by 6pm daily now! LOL

    1. Haha! Thanks for the lovely compliment but I think it's been selling out early even before I put up this post! Hehehe.

      What can I say? People will always target the best foods first!

      Thanks again for your comment and hope you get to try the Nasi Tomato (today last day!)

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team