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We have moved!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Larkin Bus Terminal: Cendol

You guys remember the time we had ABC from Gerai Pak Abu?
Well, we found something better...

Cendol (RM3.00)
Imagine having a nice cold bowl of Cendol on a really hot day.
And with the way the weather is nowadays, a hot day means pretty much almost every day lah.

Well if you're in the vicinity of Larkin, fret not - Pak Abu to the rescue!
Besides having his champion ABC, we found out that his Cendol is also THE BOMB!!!

Let us start by saying that he doesn't use that watered-down coconut milk nonsense.
His is the pure stuff. And by the taste of it, I'm even willing to be that the coconut milk he uses is probably hand-squeezed from grated coconut he probably gets from the market downstairs.

The gula melaka is just the right amount and the mix of flavours with the santan is superb.
And because the ingredients are top quality - the taste simply explodes in your mouth and you can't help it but to keep scooping it into your mouth.

The cendol itself was reason enough to applaude.
There' no overpowering pandan flavour which is a good thing.
And I know you're probably thinking that the colour is really dull but that just means that there's little or no artificial colouring added to the cendol.

Adam's Verdict:
Cendol 5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Cendol 4.5/5

My wife and I thought we had the BEST cendol when we visited Melaka recently.
But I think Pak Abu just stole that title with this one.

PS if you want the dessert version, be sure to tell Pak Abu. If not, you'll get the watery drink version.

Gerai Pak Abu (MS16)

Kompleks Pengangkutan Awam Larkin (3rd Level)

Operating Hours:
9.00am til - 9.00pm Daily

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