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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Makan vs Makan --- Rendang Burger

I don't know why it took us so long to think of this...
In fact the promo for BK has already ended and McDonalds' one is probably gonna end soon but we are gonna put up this post anyways just for debating sake.

Anyways I think quite a number of you have already had this debate amongst yourselves...

Everyone was abuzz when Burger King suddenly re-launched a special promo for one of Singapore's most beloved burgers of all time - The Rendang Burger!

But for some reason... something just wasn't right. It just didn't seem to be able to match up to the original burger that was stopped back in 2004...

And then, McDonalds masuk campur and released their own version of the Rendang Burger...

McDonalds' (Single) Rendang Burger ($6.80 for the meal)
BK (Single) Rendang Deluxe ($6.95 for the meal)
As always, we had to be fair and order the same version for both places.
We ordered the Single Rendang version but both BK and McDonalds offered the Double version as well.

The first thing we simply have to touch on was the taste. Were they able to replicate the unique taste of Rendang with their own versions of the special sauce?

In this department, the hands-down winner was the McDonalds' version.
It tasted the closest to actual Rendang so much so that you could even taste a hint of lemongrass when you took a big bite of the burger. The BK version however merely tasted like a not-so-peanuty Satay sauce.
And they go the extra mile by adding, of all things, mayonnaise and  turkey bacon.

Which really makes you wonder. If the original BK version had such a fantastic and popular sauce, why wouldn't they try and get the same thing or at least something close? It can't be that not a single person didn't realize that this didn't taste anything like the original right? And adding stuff which doesn't really compliment the burger doesn't really help either...

Besides the sauce, another thing we noted was the onions that top the burger...

As you can see from the pictures above, McDonalds definitely gives you more onions which will surely pack a punch in the flavour department.

It's actually really baffling. The original BK Rendang burger used fresh onion rings which made a big difference so it's kinda weird that they would used chopped onions in the new version. And further to that, McDonalds, which is famed for using chopped onions in almost all their burgers, uses bigger onions strips in this burger.

Even small factors like this make such a big difference...

As you may know, my Darling Wife and I used to work at BK when the original Rendang Burger was being sold and it was definitely one of the most unique burgers out there. But in this case...

The winner is -

The McDonalds Rendang Burger

I think this one was pretty unanimous and I'm guessing most of you had the same feeling?

Actually, I think there are some people who might actually choose BK as the winner and we're actually prety curious to know what might have made you decide that the BK version was better than the McDonalds one.
Please leave us a comment!

Well anyways, let's be honest.
Even though the McDonalds Rendang Burger won here, nothing matches up to the original BK Rendang.
So far...


  1. I haven't had the BK Rendang burger yet cos of the comments where you mentioned that it's definitely not as awesome as it used to be, but I do have to agree that the McDonalds one is pretty awesome! The sauce is just nice, not too heavy, and the onions just add the extra OOMPH! One of the best from McDonalds so far!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Hilmi!
      Apparently the next promo burger coming might be the Samurai Burger! It's already available in JB! Let's wait and see!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

  2. Still love the Original BK Rendang Double back in the 90s.....

    1. Definitely agree with you there... Nothing beats the original!!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog