We have moved!

We have moved!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


So my bro calls me and asks me if I've heard of HalalDeals.sg.
And obviously I have not. "It's like Groupon but for Halal stuff" he tells me.
And I'm thinking "Oh no not another Groupon voucher site".

Well I couldn't have been more wrong.

So HalalDeals.sg works pretty much like most of the other 'coupon' shopping sites that seems to have cropped up in recent years (ie Groupon, Voucherlicious etc). The main difference - they deal with Halal stuff.
And I initially thought it was just Halal food but apparently even Halal services like beauty services are also some deals you might find on the site.

But make no mistake - HalalDeals.sg is in no way related to Groupon whatsover.

So the way it works is pretty easy.
Sign up for an account which takes a few minutes and you're ready to shop!
If you see a deal you like, click for more details and if you agree with the price, you can make payment via credit card and you'll be sent an e-voucher. You can bring the e-voucher to the merchant and redeem your purchase! It's that simple.

But just like the other similar sites, please be sure to read the fine print for the deals.
All of them should have some validity (eg redeem within 1 month etc) and you have be know exactly what you're paying for right?

And, of course, me being the ever-thoughtful guy - I decided to try it out first hand.
And it was a very impressive experience. (You can all thank me later)

So here's what happened.
I selected to purchase deals from 2 different makan places - Olivye & Siamese Cat Restaurant (both of which I will obviously be reviewing soon!). And the purchasing process was really simple. Just read the deal and fine print, make the payment and an email was sent to me.

After awhile I got a bit worried because I hadn't received my vouchers.
But since it was pretty late at night, I figured I'd just call their help line the next day when I was free.
I was only free in the evening after work and I decided to send them an email instead to explain that I had not received the vouchers which I had purchased.

And to my surprise, I received a phone call within 5 minutes of sending out the email.
A lady at the end of the other line explained to me that they had noticed I had not "claimed" my vouchers after purchase (apparently I was supposed to have been given the option to download the vouchers but obviously I missed that one) and they had in fact re-sent me the vouchers in the morning.

As it was a new address, it went to my Junk Mail folder instead and she re-sent me the email again just in case. Not only did I receive her 2nd email, the 1st email was indeed in my Junk Mail folder
Anyways no need to worry so much because when you log in to your account, you can view the deals you purchased and print out the vouchers from there.

In that conversation, I learned that HalalDeals.sg was literally new (it was launched on 24 September).
And if you ask me personally, it looks like that have a good good chance at expanding!

When I first visited last week, there were only 3 deals.
Well as of my last check today, more deals have been added (a total of 6 as you can see above) and I believe more should be on the way!

I foresee a bright future for this site if it gets the right support.
And if the deals continue to be good, it looks like I'll be reviewing a lot of the deals that they offer!

Who knows... maybe in future HalalDeals.sg might wanna do a tie up with The Halal Food Blog?
*hint hint*

So remember. The address is HalalDeals.sg
I've added them as a link on this blog and you can Like them on FB and follow them on Twitter as well.
Let me know if you come across any good deals worth reviewing!

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