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We have moved!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Charco's Part II

Beef Ribs + 3 Salad Choices (16.90)

So do you guys remember my first post about Charco's?
Well the last time, everyone had the Beef Ribs and nothing else I figured that the next time I'd have something else... and the time had come.

So my darling wife again had the Beef Ribs and this time, the ribs were nice and tender unlike the last time where consistency seemed to be a bit of a problem. And the only difference she made to her 3 salad choices was that she took the Fruit Salad for one of 'em.

And her verdict on the Fruit Salad? - Don't take it.

But you know what still rocks?

 Creme Potato ($5.60)

Simply delicious lah I tell you.

So what is this "something different" that I decided to try in the end?

Chicken Schnitzel and 3 Salads ($10.30)

Firstly, let me start by saying that the Egg Salad is still the BOMB!

The Schnitzel itself was basically a big piece of boneless chicken (most likely the breast in this case) which is hammered out til it's flat then breaded and deep fried. This means it's cripsy chicken goodness!
And I'll be honest, I don't know of anywhere else that serves a Halal Schnitzel.

Well I guess you gotta like chicken if you're order this because it's a damn big piece of chicken.
Seriously. It's big enough for 2 to share I reckon. I couldn't even finish it lah.
But the Egg Salad is the bomb.

And this is all killer no filler okay.
100% chicken meat and the breading is really good too. How can you tell? Because even after it cools down, it's still crispy! A sign of a good schnitzel?

See that little plastic bowl in the back? They actually serve this dipping sauce with it.
I guess it's kind of a cross between a black pepper and a mushroom sauce. But not really.
I had a little but the schnitzel itself is actually pretty tasty without the sauce but they still have good old chilli and BBQ sauce if you'd like.

And last but not least - the Egg Salad is the bomb.

And in case you were wondering.

My brother had the chicken too but the roasted variety. And I think I'll review the chicken properly next time because they have at least 2 types on offer at Charco's.

Definitely seems like it's worthy of a separate review based on the first tastes.

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken Schnitzel 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Beef Ribs 3.5/5

Well I guess we'll be having a few more visits to Charco's in future.
Their extensive menu looks like it has a lot more in store for us!


Blk 80 Marine Parade Central #01-770
Tel: 6455 3711

Operating Hours: 11.00am til 10.00pm Daily

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