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We have moved!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

SunMoon Fruits Cups (DC Edition) & Sazzy Juices

We're sure you remember when we featured SunMoon Fruit Cups last year during Ramadhan right? Those cute and convenient little cups of fruit remember?

Well, guess what? There are back! And this time with something that's sure to get the kids to eat their fruit cups without much fuss!!

That's right! Special Edition DC Fruit Cups! Kids love superheroes right? Well Batman says "Eat your fruit cups!" LOL

We think this is a great way to get kids to eat their fruits! Healthy living is always good and it's important to start when we're still young. SunMoon is definitely a healthy choice!! As in they literally have the 'Healthier Choice' certification!!

The fruits are in pure 100% apple juice! This means no added sugar and no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings! Great source of Vitamin C too!


SunMoon has got 3 different DC Edition Fruit Cups for us!

The ones with Superman, Flash and Supergirl are Mandarin Orange.
The ones with Batman, Robin and Catwoman are Mixed Fruit.
The ones with Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Green Lantern are Peach.

Sounds power right! They are all really good and delicious when served chilled! But if you're on the go, this is a great snack! Bring em for picnics or to the office for a quick and healthy snack!

Mixed Fruit Cup
Mandarin Orange Fruit Cup
And as an added incentive, there are some collectible DC stickers for the kids too!
All their fave superheroes are here! There are 9 designs to collect! Gotta finish your fruit cups before you get your sticker! (Or am I being too strict?)

And we guess the next question on your mind is "Where can I get these??!!".
Well fret not dearest readers! You can get your SunMoon Fruit Cups at NTUC FairPrice, FairPrice Express, Cold Storage, Sheng Siong or you can also order directly from SunMoon!

And all at the special low price of $1.90 for a twin pack! That's great value!
You can of course buy by the pack or carton to enjoy more savings!

Go to their site at www.sunmoondirect.com for full details and also take a look at the other great products they have too! (They also sell fresh fruits too!!)

And speaking of other great products from SunMoon... we almost forgot!!

Sazzy Juice

They also have a new range of fun juices too!
They come in Mango, Grape and Lychee juice flavours and all have juicy bits of Nata De Coco!

The best thing about these juices are they taste great but are also certified with the 'Healthier Choice' seal so they're not overly sweet like other such 'juices' in the market. This is the real deal and a great choice for the kiddies!!

PS look out for a special giveaway contest only available on our Facebook page!!
Be sure to check it out and stand a chance to win SunMoon products!!

SunMoon Food

www.sunmoondirect.com www.facebook.com/SunMoonDirect

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