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Friday, November 28, 2014

Sidratul Seaweed Cordial

Here at The Halal Food Blog, we are all about spreading the word and trying to help people along the way if we can. All the more if the makan or the product is good! So here's something interesting that we were not quite sure of when we first heard of it but now we're completely sold on it!

There have been plenty of 'food health fads' over the years. There was Acai berries and then Pomegranate and then Wheatgrass and then who else can remember lah (We are still waiting for the Fried Chicken phase to arrive). Well, we don't consider this product here a craze because it's been around for years and it's good enough that people don't need to glorify it to extoll its benefits.

Sidratul Seaweed Cordial not only has loads of health benefits but it tastes great too!

It's really true when they say that nature gives us the best things to consume and this is a good example. We're talking about positive effects all bottled up and ready to consume with water!

So what exactly does Seaweed Cordial help?

We read the benefits include improving skin health and elasticity probably because seaweed contains Magnesium, Vitamin A,C and E!

One thing everyone agrees on is that seaweed actually helps to purify the blood. Besides that, it's an excellent anti-oxidant, helps you to detox, treats ailments like gastritis, high cholesterol, gout, anemia and also helps to alkalize our blood. Especially helpful if we eat a lot of junk food!

And speaking of eating a lot, seaweed also supposedly helps with weight loss!!

Well besides health benefits, this cordial tastes great!!

This cordial contains minimal sugar but you can see from the picture that it's actually really concentrated! Just one tablespoon into a glass of water and ice is more than enough to get a great tasting and refreshing drink. It does not taste overly sweet compared to other cordial which add A LOT OF SUGAR to make it tasty. This Seaweed Cordial goes the natural route for prefect results.

I'm someone who LOVES to have sweet drinks especially when having a meal and even I know that too much sweet drinks is no good for you. But if you're gonna insist on having something like cordial to drink, you might as well choose this - a healthier choice!

Not only is this product certified Halal but it has also been given the stamp of IMP (Islamic Manufacturing Practice) in Malaysia. That's gotta be a big plus!

Well whatever the case is, this cordial tastes really good and we really enjoy it.
We just thought you might like it to! Give it a try and you could end up being hooked just like us!

You might see this being sold at certain roadshows or at certain mosques but if you want to place and order, we have the details right here for you.

Each bottle is priced at $10 a bottle and you can place your order by contacting;
Khairul (9474 2523), Haliza (9144 4702) or Jofrie (9272 5611). You can even clarify any questions you might have and I'm sure they'll be happy to oblige.

Thanks everyone and Seaweed Cordial FTW!!

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  1. hey! looks great! what seaweed is used and where is it made? aren't some seaweeds contaminated with radioactivity and stuff?