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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

One Cupcake A Day



Let's face it. Cupcakes are the in-thing. I mean, how many cupcake shops (online or not) can you name right off the top of your head. I can think of about 9 myself and that's just skimming the surface I'm sure. And sure there are still a majority of shops which are not Halal for one reason or another but trust me there are still plenty of options for us to choose from.

But when someone says "Cupcake", I'm guessing the first thing that came to your mind is a nice sweet treat with sweet icing and sweet fillings. Am I right? Am I right?

Well today, I bring to you - The Savoury Cupcake!!

One Cupcake A Day is really unique because it offers not only sweet cupcakes but also savoury ones!
I honestly can't think of another place that offers this and in fact I'd never even thought that Halal savoury cupcakes existed in SG!

Their flavours are unique and reflect Singaporean tastes too! Just wait and see!
I know that you're probably thinking "Savoury cupcakes? No way!" but give it a chance okay
McGriddles also sweet and savoury mah... Read on!!

And the adventure begins...

Oiishi Voom
Inside Oiishi Voom
Oiishi Voom is a Japanese themed cupcake.
A White Chocolate Cupcake with Teriyaki Chicken filling and Wasabi frosting with seaweed.

I was expecting an explosion of Wasabi with the frosting but you'll be glad to know that the Wasabi flavour is not overwhelming and quite sweet (it is a frosting after all). The Teriyaki Chicken filling was actually quite tasty in my opinion. It may be an acquired taste but it was actually pretty good!

Gado-Gado Satay
Inside Gado-Gado Satay
Gado-Gado Satay is something a little bit (a lot more) local!
A Vanilla cupcake with Beef Satay and Peanut Sauce filling and Clove Buttercream frosting and keropok.

I think among all the 6 cupcakes we tried, this one had the combination that worked the best.
Although it was quite subtle, you could taste the clove flavour in the frosting and the beef satay was actually really tasty. I think maybe the reason why it worked well is because the vanilla flavour of the cupcake was not so overwhelming.


Inside Maharani
Maharani might appeal to all you curry-lovers out there.
A spicy Chocolate cupcake with Minced Beef Curry filling topped off wit Mashed Potato, coriander and fried shallots.

The curry filling was tasty! The mashed potato was a good choice to go with the filling since curry and potatoes go so well together. The spicy cupcake wasn't that spicy by the way. In fact it was a little on the sweet side. But this was good enough to be my Darling Wife's favourite cupcake of the day!

BF (Breakfast Favourite)
Inside BF (Breakfast Favourite)
Breakfast Favourite - A cupcake fit for breakfast?
Maple cupcake with Chicken Ham filling topped off with Cream Cheese frosting and Turkey Bacon.

Let me start by saying that the Maple cupcake was the bomb! Really tastes like maple syrup!
The chicken ham had a bit of a woody taste but you won't notice it when you get the maple and cream cheese combo in one bite!!

Krabi Love
Inside Krabi Love
We're more of Phuket people but Krabi Love is fine too :P
Coconut cupcake with Seafood Tom Yam filling. Up top is Lemon Cream frosting.

Well the Tom Yam flavour actually packs quite a kick! It's not super spicy (the chilli padi will take care of that!) but you can definitely taste the Tom Yam flavour over everything. Great combination of flavour!
This was my Brother's fave cupcake of the day!

Uniquely Melayu
Inside Uniquely Melayu
Uniquely Melayu definitely lives up to its name.
A Pandan cupcake with Sambal filling and finished off with Coconut frosting and Ikan Bilis.

This was my favourite cupcake of the day. I think there's just something about the Sambal and Ikan Bilis combo that always gets me.And the Pandan cupcake was delicious!!
This was pretty much Nasi Lemak in a cupcake!!

I'll admit that my reaction was pretty much the same as everyone I mentioned this to.
I wasn't so sure if I was going to enjoy the savoury cupcakes but I have to say I was very very pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

The flavours are really out there and you might need some time to absorb the info but once you get your mind around that roadblock, trust me - TRY THESE CUPCAKES!!!
I mean come on, at how many other places are you gonna find something so unique?

Cupcakes cost about $3.50 each but they do have Bake Sales sometimes so you can grab a good deal!
You just need to look out on the Instagram page!!

You can place your orders via onecupcakeaday@gmail.com

One Cupcake A Day

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