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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ah Nam BBQ Seafood Part II

You guys remember Ah Nam right?
Well, when my old buddy Joseph saw the post about the Beef Hor Fun, he said "Me want!".
Or something along those lines. So we rounded up Rita and made our way to the far East aka Changi.

Well we didn't have much seafood this time (in fact NIL seafood) so this gave us the chance to try a few new items on the vast Ah Nam menu.

Thai Style Fried Chicken ($12)

Since the name includes "Thai Style" I'm guessing you automatically deduced that the sauce involves some sweet-sour-spicy taste and you are not wrong. But the great thing is that this sauce is not overpowering. It's tangy no doubt but it's great and it pairs very very well with the deep fried super crispy chicken fillet.
And I know some people are going to say I'm full of shit now - but I actually really enjoyed the veggies they added on top! The onions were sweet and fresh and really added to the dish!

Okay okay no need to get so excited that's only one dish.
What else did we have?

Butter Kailan ($8)

We were at a bit of a loss when it came to vegetable dish selection. Sambal Kangkong again? Meh maybe not. So the lady taking our order said "Try Butter Kailan lah very nice". So we did.
And what a great discovery it was.

Can you recall when you ordered 'Butter Prawns' or 'Butter Sotong' in the past? You know that buttery goodness you so enjoyed with that dish? Well it now comes with Kailan.
Crispy buttery slithers of deliciousness on top of fresh young Kailan.
"Loves it."

I'll be honest I had never heard of this Butter method with anything else rather than seafood so it was a very pleasant surprise discovery.
Some will say "wah so rich and oily ah?". Well treat yourself to a small dish of this anyways. It rocks.

We actually ordered another side dish - Hotplate Tofu.
You may recall this dish being reviewed in the first post on Ah Nam. We didn't manage to snap a picture of this one because.... well... it was a mess. The server almost dropped in when he arrived at our table so it didn't look very nice when we got it.

And truth be told there seemed to be almost NO vegetables on the hotplate at all. So I started to question the consistency of the cook handling the tofu.
But, basing it on a previous visit to another makan place (Joe & Rita - I KNOW you were thinking of Rex), both of them concluded one sure thing - this place definitely gave more tofu than the other place.
A lot more.

And the past few times I went, I ordered this drink but I always forget to mention it in the reviews.

This is actually Sour Plum Drink.
And it is the bomb. Seriously.

It's not overly sour or overly sweet for that matter.
I saw my sister-in-law Yana drinking it once and I thought let's try some sour plum juice. And I can almost never stop at once if I'm having a super big meal there at Ah Nam.

Maybe the sour plum increases your appetite as well. It's said that sour-ish things do so. And in that case - bring on the sour plum juice

But sorry I can't remember how much it costs per cup.
It's so good I just order, drink, pay.

And you know what?
The food was so good that 2 nights later I went back with my wife, brother and sister-in-law and we had the exact same dishes again so they could try it!

So Ah Nam remains a firm favourite.
More and more Halal 'tze-char' stalls are coming up all over the shop but so far Ah Nam has managed to keep drawing me back for more.

Adam's Verdict:
Thai Style Fried Chicken 4/5 -- Butter Kailan 4.75/5 -- Sour Plum Juice 5/5

Joseph's Verdict:
Beef Hor Fun 4/5 -- Thai Style Fried Chicken 3.5/5 -- Butter Kailan 3.5/5 --
Hotplate Tofu 2.5/5

Rita's Verdict:
Beef Hor Fun 4/5 -- Thai Style Fried Chicken 3.5/5 -- Butter Kailan 4.5/5 --
Hotplate Tofu 2/5

And for the record...
The Beef Hor Fun is still the bomb.

Ah Nam BBQ Seafood - Steamed Fish

Blk 1 Changi Village Rd
Tel: 9670 8575

Operating Hours:

Sun - Thurs: 5.00pm til 12 midnight
Fri and Sat - 5.00pm til 1.00am

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