We have moved!

We have moved!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Halal Food Blog Team On 987TV: Tried & Tasted

Hey everyone! Guess what....

We're not sure if this was aired on TV yet but it's already up on YouTube.
The Halal Food Blog Team was featured on 987TV: Tried & Tasted!

(Coincidentally) their segment was also called 'The Chicken Rice Chronicles' and they asked what our favourite Chicken Rice was and our answer was obvious so we brought them down to makan at Mackenzie Rex to have a plate of our all-time favourite chicken rice!

Joakim Gomez and Sonia Chew from 987FM's The Wake Up Call were nice enough to meet us there to share in the good food and also a fun time filming the segment. Their rating was lower than ours but hey everyone's got a favourite something right!

A big thanks to the 987FM team and also to Mackenzie Rex for having us on the segment!

Enjoy the clip and keep on makan-ing!!

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