We have moved!

We have moved!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Haji Daliman Korner - Mee Rebus

So it was one of those days where we happened to wander a little further than usual...
Found ourselves in the area of Vivo City and Harbourfront when hunger pangs suddenly struck and boy were we ready for a big ol' meal!

But what to eat?! So many choices?
Vivo? Harbourfront? Wait, let's go across to Seah Im!

So I go off to find my food and my darling wife returns with a right grin on her face...

Mee Rebus ($3.00)
No wonder she was grinning... One of her faves!

So the Mee Rebus actually comes on its own by the way... Adding on the Bagedil and keropok brought it up to $3.00 for the whole bowl. The Mee Rebus alone was $2.50. I'm not really sure how they counted but this was a very good price for all the goodies we got!

The Mee Rebus was apparently excellent. The kuah was tasty and a nice consistency. Not at all watery. "Very sedap!!" says my darling wife.

I guess Mee Rebus is one of those dishes that can be either really good or really bad.
Taste is one thing but consistency of the gravy is also an important factor and Haji Daliman seems to pass the test.

Maryah's Verdict:
Mee Rebus 4/5

So many goodies at Seah Im and apparently Mee Rebus is one of them.
I would never have thought to buy it and it's a good thing my wife bought or we would have missed out!!

Haji Daliman Korner

Seah Im Food Centre 2 Seah Im Road
Stall 786 #01-33

Operating Hours: 8am til 9pm Daily
Closed on one day of the week (Not fixed so try your luck!)


  1. Thank you for the great review. Hope to see you soon!

    A "Haji Daliman Korner" descendant.

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