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Monday, May 26, 2014

The Chicken Rice Chronicles Part 5: Mackenzie Rex

Part 5 in our Chicken Rice Chronicles bring us to what is actually one of The Halal Food Blog Team's (well, some of us anyways) favourite makan places EVER and it just so happens that it's a Chicken Rice joint.

We actually wrote about Rex in a previous post but that was before we started our Chicken Rice Chronicles series. So we had to visit again to include it officially!

Roasted Chicken Rice ($4.50)
Mackenzie Rex has been around since the 60s and is one of the more popular name when it comes to Halal Oriental food including Tzi Char style dishes like Fried Baby Squid, You Char Kway with Sotong, Yam Ring, Sweet and Sour Fish etc.

But we are here to talk about the Chicken Rice which has been my favourite since my parents brought me there when I was 11 years old. Back then it was located where Rex Theatre stands but has since moved to Prinsep Street. They also have a branch at Changi Road.

Some people will say that they find the breast meat a bit too dry for their taste but I actually find it okay and to my liking. In fact, I know quite a few people who agree with me on this one.
I guess everyone has their own individual taste.

If you're the type that goes for the more juicy parts, you can always ask for the thigh or the drumstick. Just take note that drumstick will cost you a bit extra since it's a favourite part! And as with any respectable Chicken Rice place, they also have the Steamed or 'White' Chicken for you if you'd like.

I love the rice here. It's fragrant and it's tasty and it's the bomb.
Again, some people might argue it's a bit too hard or grainy but again to each his own I guess.
The rice is so tasty that my dear old Dad often buy extra packets of plain chicken rice and fry it up as fried rice at home which gives it an extra kick.

In my younger days when I had more of an appetite (and a bigger stomach), I'd almost order and extra bowl of rice at $0.50 whenever I had the Chicken Rice. POWER!!!

And here comes the one thing that almost all the people I have spoken to come to an agreement.

It's spicy. It's salty. It's got a tang to it. It's one of the best Chicken Rice chilli you will find around!
And trust me - it's got a spicy kick but you'll definitely keep scooping more and more and more.
Whether you put it in the small dish and go in doses or you put a generous amount to mix in with your rice, I think you'll agree with us in saying that this one of the best parts of Rex Chicken Rice.

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 5/5

Yana's Verdict:
Chicken Rice 3.5/5

Well in my books, this is the #1 Chicken Rice around.
I know the list of places for us to visit remains a very a long one and I might very well come across a new place that is a really really good Chicken Rice joint but until then, Rex wins.

In fact, we even appeared on 987tv and told them all about our favourite Chicken Rice.
Check out the video here :)

Mackenzie Rex Restaurant

66 Prinsep Street
Tel: 63361702

Operating Hours: 10.30am til 10.00pm Daily
(Closed on Chinese New Year & Hari Raya Aidilfitri)


  1. Nice review:) Used to frequent this place but the chinese aunty is always cranky when serving food to us till it made my family members pissed off hence we avoid this place.Another good place for halal chicken rice is 'Cantine' at Jurong Point.The chicken rice tastes even better than Rex Mackenzie's IMHO.Hope you will try out that place.Am curious to see if your opinions about the best halal chicken rice in sg will change.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment!
      Cantine? Sounds good! Hope we get to visit soon!


      Thanks for your support and keep on makan-ing!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

  2. Should really try Evertop chicken rice along joo chiat road.. its much much better than rex. Btw they rex mackenzie also has an outlet at Lor 104 Changi toward geylang area so you dont haf to travel far to get em..

  3. Shd try jefri botak chicken rice at bedok int.. $2.50 per plate and it tastes so good.

    1. Hey Adnan! Thanks for your comment!
      Yeah! Jefri Botak is on the list! Look out for the review soon okay!