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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Burger King - King Dogs

When I first heard my Brother tell me that he ad hotdogs from BK, I thought to myself "No lah cannot be... their current promo is the Rendang Burger what..."

And then I realized why there was no fanfare and no ads about the new BK King Dogs. That's because they are not really a promo item but actually part of BK's Star Buys line-up. And that also means they should be really cheap am I right???

King Dogs ($2.00 each)
So Burger King branch out a little further than burgers and came up with a close relative - the hotdog.
I know our first reaction will be "Burger King should be burgers what right..." but wait wait let's see what they have to offer before we jump to any conclusions.

They have 2 types to offer us - Honey Mustard & Ketchup and BBQ & Mayo.
Of course the sauces are doused over a chicken sausage which lies in between a hotdog bun.
Sounds like a relatively simple idea right?

Well, let me tell you something - these King Dogs rock!!

Honey Mustard
BBQ & Mayo
The one thing I simply must rave about is the actual sausage itself. It's a chicken sausage and it's definitely of a good quality. Besides having a nice bite to it, it's actually pretty tasty too! I was not expecting much for the price I was paying but I have to say I was very pleasantly surprised and the sausage is definitely the main draw here.

My Brother said that the buns were really soft too and I guess he was right they were not bad.  But I do note that if you order takeaway and end up in an air-conditioned area, the buns tend to dry up or harden up a little so best to eat it while it's fresh and hot.

Sauce-wise I guess it's really up to your preference.
The Honey Mustard is our weapon of choice here. I guess the traditional notion is to have mustard and ketchup on your hotdog. I actually found the BBQ & Mayo quite mundane to be honest.

Adam's Verdict:
Honey Mustard & Ketchup King Dog 4.5/5 -- BBQ & Mayo King Dog 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Honey Mustard & Ketchup King Dog 4/5 -- BBQ & Mayo King Dog 3/5

The place that we are most likely to have a hotdog nowadays is when we watch a movie at the cinema. Well, I think it might slowly change to BK from now on because these King Dogs are actually really something. After a few disappointing products from BK, I have to say this is a step in the right direction.

And the low price of $2.00 makes it a very very good snack on the go. And they even have it available for breakfast too! You can have a King Dog, Cheese Fries and Coke Float and you'll still spend less than $5.00 for a whole meal!!

If Burger King might consider some feedback - maybe they should also have a 3rd flavour...

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  1. A chili cheese dawg would be awesome........

  2. I got them for breakfast and added their small-sized hasbrowns ($1) and a cup of coffee ($0.80)..Spent a total of $3.80 for a complete..cheap and filling breakfast meal..!!

  3. Chilli and cheese dog would definitely be awesome bros!

  4. I miss coney dog frm A&W