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We have moved!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pondok Jawa Timur - Tahu Telor

Okay okay so I know it's weird.
When you try out some place new for the first time, you normally go for their main dishes or at least the dishes which are supposed to be the star attraction.

But this is not the case today...

Two of our avid readers, @Siti Zulfie, messaged us on FB one day to update us that Pondok Jawa Timur was finally certified Halal. We first visited Pondok Jawa Timur when we were doing the EpiKebabs review but they informed us that they were not yet certified Halal. Well, I guess they fixed that problem!

Tahu Telor ($9.90)
That's right. We started with a side dish. And that's all we had.
Truth be told, we were just killing time before a movie and thought this would be a nice snack.
And what better snack than some fried stuff right?

First things first - this is a huge serving. Definitely enough to share between 4-5 people.

Second things second - It's actually quite tasty. The peanut sauce is quite nice and not too think or too watery. Gives a nice oomph to the dish especially when the deep fired egg soaks up the gravy and you take a nice big soggy bite. Nice big pieces of tahu mixed in there too.

Third things third -

I don't know if this is an Indo thing but there was a hidden treasure beneath the tahu and the telor.
Potatoes and lontong! It was as if there was a golden blanket covering these little morsels!
Anyways it wasn't much. Just some extra filler-uppers I guess.

Another thing you might want to take note of is the sambal on the side.
This is some spicy stuff so beware if you're not a fan of fiery mouths.

And they also had some pickled cucumber on the side which is always welcome in my books.

Es Kelapa Muda Gula Jawa ($4.50) & Es Soda Gembira ($3.50)
Well just because we had only a side dish doesn't mean we didn't need to wash it down.

I had my usual choice of Soda Gembira.
Unfortunately it wasn't good and was pretty tasteless actually. Can't beat the #1 Soda Gembira in my books.
And it was a little pricey too.

My darling wife had the  Es Kelapa Muda Gula Jawa.
It's not Gula Melaka okay.. it's Gula Jawa! Which was actually a very nice touch to the coconut juice but unfortunately they were a little stingy on the coconut itself. Not worth the price.

Adam's Rating:
Tahu Telor 3/5 -- Es Soda Gembira 1/5

Maryah's Rating:
Tahu Telor 2.5/5 -- Es Kelapa Muda Gula Jawa 3.5/5

Maybe next time we will get a chance to try out the mains.
@Siti Zulfie recommended a few like Nasi Kuning Komplit, Nasi Campur Surabaya, Ayam Bakar Kecap and Gado-Gado! We have a favourite haunt for Indo food but seeing as to how the dishes at Pondok Jawa Timur are quite similar, I guess it's time to do a comparison!

Pondok Jawa Timur

Wilkie Edge
8 Wilkie Road #01-21

Tel: 6884 5853

Operating Hours:
11.30am til 10.00pm Daily

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