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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Haron 30 Satay

When someone mentions East Coast Lagoon Food Village, the top two things that come to mind are Satay and Seafood. (Admit it you know I'm right!!)

And when you talk about Satay, one of the top names you'll hear is - Haron 30 Satay aka Satay Haron.

In July, a fire ravaged a few stalls at the older version on the East Coast Lagoon Food Village and unfortunately, one of the stall that was affected was Satay Haron. That means a few months went past that people could not get their fix of freshly bakar-ed Satay Haron...

But the good news it, East Coast Lagoon Food Village has now reopened and back to business!!

Beef, Mutton & Chicken Satay ($0.70 per stick, minimum 10 sticks)
There are at least 5 stalls to choose from at East Coast Lagoon Food Village when it comes to Satay but the name Satay Haron is #1 on everyone's lips and for very good reason too.

We've been going to eat at East Coast Lagoon Food Village for years and tried all the Satay stalls at one point and after awhile, we just decided to keep buying from Haron stall. It's not that the other stalls were not delicious... I guess it's just a matter of consistency and the fact that Satay Haron sells the type of Satay that meets our standards.

Beef, Chicken or Mutton?
Take your pick. Whether it's beef, chicken or mutton, you won't regret.
If you're lucky, you might even get to order some babat!

Satay Haron marinates and seasons its meats perfectly. You get just the right hint of spices when you take a nice big chomp. The marinade does tend to put the Satay a little on the sweet side but it's not overpowering and the nice sticky glaze enhances the Satay in my opinion.

One of the key elements to good Satay is the person who is bakar-ing (or grilling) the Satay. It takes skill to be able to control the fire just right that you manage to get the meat to the perfect tenderness while getting a nice char on the outer layer. And believe me - Satay Haron excels at this.

The Satay is super tender no matter whether you order Chicken, Beef or Mutton.
I say they all rock the bomb.

In fact, my darling wife is actually not a big fan of chicken satay but ALWAYS whacks it whenever we are having Satay Haron. And trust me - that says a lot! So good she says it's her favourite!

The peanut gravy which accompanies the satay also rocks!!

I know some people who are purists and eat the satay on its own so that they can enjoy the flavour of the satay on its own but it definitely gets better if you're a fan of the peanut gravy. Good tasty gravy here. It's not really a very finely ground mixture here because you'll get the odd piece of peanut here and there but this hits the spot nonetheless.

Satay Haron also offers BBQ Chicken Wings... but we're here for the Satay!!

Adam's Verdict:
Satay 5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Satay 4.5/5

To be fair, The Halal Food Blog Team will be officially reviewing all the stalls at East Coast Lagoon Food Village eventually (maybe a Makan vs Makan perhaps??) but I'm guessing that it's gonna be a challenging feat to knock Satay Haron off from our top spot.

I remember a time when Satay used to cost $0.30 - $0.40 a stick when I was kid and prices are definitely on the up and up to an average of $0.70 (or even more!) per stick at most places. If I'm going to pay such a price, I'm gonna make sure I'm buying a product I know I'll definitely enjoy and Satay Haron comes out tops in that case.

I'm not sure how long they've been around but I hope they keep going for generations to come!

Haron 30 Satay

Stall #01-55
East Coast Lagoon Food Village

Tel: 6441 0495 / 9450 8754 (Lynna)

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 10.30pm on Weekends
2.00pm til 10.30pm on Weekdays
(They close when they sell out. Which is normally earlier)

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