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We have moved!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Delifrance: Les Sandwichs, Les Soups and Fruit Tarts

Delifrance is a name that I'm sure most people are familiar with.
It's been around for the longest time and everyone has had a taste of their famous sandwiches (and even their widely available baguettes) at least once before.

We've eaten there on quite a few occasions but only officially reviewed it one before.
Remember the special sandwich they released awhile back?

Well maybe we should stick to the classic... or should I say.. classique choices.

Chicken D'light on Croissant ($6.80)
Delifrance actually has 2 different of ranges for the sandwiches.
One (and more recently added) is the 'Les Sandwichs Signature' series which is a specific set of specialty sandwiches with fancy names.

The ones that I normally order are from the 'Les Sandwichs Classique' range which has some of your favourite sandwiches. One of them being the good and trusted Chicken Mayo.

Well they've named it the Chicken D'light and you get to choose your type of bread of course.
My darling wife almost always opts for the croissant because Delifrance definitely has one of the best croissants around. Buttery and crisp on the outside.

The chicken mayo itself is delicious. Nice chunks of chicken mixed in with creamy mayonnaise. And the mayonnaise is not overly sour and does not overpower the chicken flavour.

Chicken D'light on Ciabatta ($7.50)
We love the Chicken D'light so much I actually ordered one for myself. :P

I actually wanted it served on a baguette but apparently they were all out. I then opted for their newer Rustic Baguette but for some reason, they kept pushing me to take Ciabatta instead... :\
Oh well... Ciabatta it was I guess.

And I totally didn't like the bread. Maybe I'm not a Ciabatta kinda guy.
The chicken mayo was still delicious but I guess they bread obviously makes a big difference.

Tomato Bouillon
Mushroom Duxelle
If you're having a sandwich, you can opt to add $4.50 for a serving of the Soup of the Day or you could also order the soup ala carte for $4.00.

Pssssttt... here's a tip - take the set for $4.50 :)

You have 2 choices for the soup so depending on the outlet (and your luck), it's a choice of either the Tomato Bouillon or the Mushroom Duxelle.

The Tomato Bouillon has a very strong tomato flavour and a sure choice for those who enjoy a good summer soup to warm you up. The Mushroom Duxelle is a more hearty choice for you mushroom lovers. Very earthy and strong mushroom flavour here.

Mixed Fruit Tart / Peach Tart ($3.80 each)
Strawberry Tart ($3.80)
One of my favourite things to get is the Fruit Tart.
Great for a pick-me-up or as a gift if you're visiting someone! (In fact I brought a dozen as a gift when I met my darling wife's parents for the first time!)

A good assortment of Mixed Fruit, Strawberry and Peach Tarts to choose from.
My favourite used to be the Blueberry but I seldom see it nowadays... Maybe stopped?
Well all of that rests on a nice bed of custard which is a winner with all my fellow sweet-toothed readers.
The pastry shell has a good flavour and makes a satisfying mouthful with the fruit and custard.

I guess some might say it's a little on the sweet side (well it is a tart what do you expect) but they also have mini versions for those who want smaller doses.

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken D'light on Ciabatta 2.5/5 -- Tomato Bouillon 3/5 -- Mushroom Duxelle 4/5
Fruit Tarts 4.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Chicken D'light on Croissant 3.5/5 -- Mushroom Duxelle 3.5/5 -- Fruit Tarts 3/5

So many new things to try on Delifrance's revamped menu! But I guess one thing we expect to have when we visit will be a good Les Sandwich am I les right or les what?


Tampines Mall #01-38
Tel: 62608552

Operating Hours:
8.00am til 10.00pm Daily

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