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We have moved!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dad's Corner - Ong Bak Pasta

So I got a couple of messages via our FB page a few months ago to try out a new place in town.
The problem is it'd be closed by the time we finish work and the weekends are so packed so we couldn't head down in time.

But several months later, I finally managed to make my way down!!!

So Dad's Corner is tucked away in a little corner of town in the Dhoby Ghaut area.
They serve Halal western food and pride themselves on having a menu where almost everything is $5!
(And it's really true! They only have one item which is more than $5 but that's because it's a platter to share!)

Well, since it was a weekday and my darling wife was at work, I made my own way down before doing some shopping and tucked-in to some pasta.

Ong Bak Pasta ($5.00)
They had 2 items on their pasta menu which caught my eye.
One was the A.M.P (Aku Melayu Pasta) which is sambal based and the other was the Ong Bak Pasta.
I obviously chose the Ong Bak Pasta. I would have loved to have ordered both though!

The Ong Bak Pasta is Thai-inspired and is a cream-based pasta. Mixed in are some mushroom, capsicum, chilli padi (!!!), prawns and mussels. It may be Thai-inspired but it's not like Tom Yum flavour or anything like that. Just cream based.

The serving is quite generous actually and more than filling for one. You've got a nice portion of pasta so add that up with the seafood and you're all set. I quite enjoyed the small touches like the mushrooms and especially the capsicum peppers (yes, they had all 3 colours!!).

You'll see the word SPICY in brackets on the menu next to the dish name but fret not.
The dish is not so overly spicy that it's gonna set your mouth on fire. They add chilli padi so you won't really feel the heat unless you take a nice big bite into the chilli padi itself.

I'm not sure because I didn't ask but perhaps you can tell the chef if you want it extra spicy?

And speaking of which - I was very lucky to meet the man himself - Chef Hasrat!
I recognized him from their FB page and also from the Berita Harian cover awhile back and it was he who took my order and explained to me the difference between the pastas.

Next time I'll be sure to snap a pic! (If i'm not so shy)

Adam's Verdict:
Ong Bak Pasta 3.5/5

Next time, I'm definitely gonna order more stuff. A.M.P is next and I definitely want to try their other western dishes like Fish and Chips, Seafood Paella, Cheese Fries and KING BEEF BURGER!!!

Plus, The Halal Food Blog always tries to support young local entrepreneurs and it's obvious that the team at Dad's Corner have plenty of passion and serve up some great food at a very great price!!
You should head down especially if you work in the area!

Dad's Corner

Roadside Cafe (Inside)
Singapore Shopping Centre #01-21/22

Tel: 9011 5733

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 6.00pm (Weekdays & Saturdays)
Closed on Sundays

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