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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Texas Chicken: Mesquite BBQ Burger

When I saw that displayed in a Texas Chicken outlet, the first thing that came to my mind is "Yes! Looks like Texas-style Pulled Chicken!". And boy oh boy do I love it. (Read HERE for more info)

So anyways, I had some time to kill so I got me a meal.

Mesquite BBQ Burger Combo ($6.60)
Firstly, let me say - that is NOT how it looks in the first picture.
Not at all.

I mean. I don't mean to sound like some Action Jackson dude but...
Is it my imagination or is that bun missing some sesame seeds compared to the first pic above?
Okay never mind. Small issue. What's important is the meat right?

Well, that didn't go very well either.

I'm sorry but that chicken tasted funky.
You know the 'chicken' taste you get when you either don't wash the chicken properly or if the chicken has been kept too long? Well, this had that taste. And if I can still taste it through all that BBQ sauce, then you know what I mean.

Call me fussy if you want but I'm pretty sensitive to this kind of thing and I surely didn't expect it here.

Texas Chicken claims that they make all their food items freshly and they use the freshest ingredients.
This did not seem to be the case at all.
And we pay $6 for this which is no small amount and can get us a meal at almost all other fast food joints

I ordered that meal at about 10.45am which is when the store has JUST opened.
That means 1) either they're lying about the 'made freshly' part or 2) they served me leftover chicken.
But hey, I'm not going to make wild accusations without trying to confirm things right?

So I went to their website and tried to send them some feedback and hopefully get a response.

"Hi Texas Chicken. I just have a quick enquiry. For your Mesquite BBQ burger, is the chicken meat fresh (as in is it prepared from meat which specially cooked for the Mesquite BBQ burger) or is it made from meat which may have been left-over (from perhaps chicken pieces which were not sold the day before)?

I had it this morning at your Tampines outlet at about 11am this morning. The burger was hot which means it was freshly prepared but the chicken meat had a distinctly 'stale' taste to it. And to me, if BBQ sauce cannot mask that taste then that chicken may not be fresh.

I am not making any accusations but I'm just curious about this matter. Hope you can shed some light.


I didn't get a response after 2 weeks so I re-sent it again.
I have not gotten a response even up til now.

Adam's Verdict:
Mesquite BBQ Burger 1/5

I'm not sure if this was my bad luck to get the stale chicken burger or if anyone else has experienced this.
For all I know, this might be someone's favourite burger and I just happened to get the wrong one.

I've heard that Taxes Chicken sells some pretty tasty Fried Chicken.
But I think I'll stay away from the Mesquite BBQ Burger.

Texas Chicken (Tampines Mall)

Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central #04-23/24/25/26
Tel: 6783 5373

Operating Hours:
10.30 am to 10.30 pm (Sun to Thu)
10.30 am to 11.30 pm (Fri & Sat)

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  1. Hi there,

    I've tried this Mesquite BBQ Burger when they first opened at Causeway Point. It definitely didn't taste good. Not anything like what you would expect from a BBQ. I was not sure what was it but I don't think there was any issue with the chicken (for my case). It was just a bad burger.