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Friday, September 20, 2013

Makan vs Makan --- Fast Food Chicken & Rice

I actually wanted to have this be a 'Fast Food Chicken Rice' post... but after I sampled the dishes from both the fast food outlets, I realized it would be more accurate to label it as 'Chicken & Rice' instead...

Read on dear readers... and you will know what I mean.


This one was REALLY impromptu by the way.

I'd seen the commercials on TV. You know... the irritating one where the aunty goes "DIDN'T EAT RICE AH?". Yes. That one. And I actually said to myself - "No way am I gonna have that lah".

And then one day, we found ourselves at the airport and having lunch at Popeyes.
When I saw the poster for the Cajun Rice Platter, I thought to myself... Time for a battle!!!

Popeyes' Cajun Rice Platter ($4.30)
So for the price you pay, you get some Cajun Fried Rice with a choice of either a piece of Bonafide Fried Chicken, Louisiana Pepper Nuggets or Chicken Tenders.

As you can see, I chose the Fried Chicken because it seemed the most worth it among all the choices.

Well the Cajun Fried Rice itself was nothing extraordinary.
I mean, it wasn't bad. It was actually pretty tasty but I guess it just wasn't spectacular. It was quite a generous serving and I guess it was would suit whatever form of chicken to accompany it.

The Fried Chicken was (as usual) deep-fried goodness with all the oil and juices. Rip it up and have a whole mouthful with some of the Cajun Fried Rice. But honestly, you'll probably spend more time with the chicken than the rice - in which case you should have just bought a 2-piece Chicken Meal am I right?

No special sauce here though. Ended up eating it with the normal chili sauce.

KFC O.R Chicken Rice ($5.95)
Let me start off by saying that the presentation was NOT at all impressive.

May be I'm being too nit-picky... The tomato is fine but to put the same shredded lettuce that's put in the burgers? Errr.. kinda messy lah!!

The rice used here is supposed to be 'Chicken Rice' rice. And I guess it's close enough. It's not a tasty as your favourite Chicken Rice stall but you can still detect a hint of the chicken stock flavour.

I purposely ordered the O.R chicken because I really love the taste of the KFC's Original Recipe.
I know they call it O.R here but this wasn't really the same thing to me. The skin was a bit more crispy (which I can understand) but the O.R taste was really lacking so I'm guessing it's not the same at all. They should have just chopped up the patty from their O.R Fillet Burger and it would have been better.

Well the one thing they DID use was the sauce from their Shrooms Burger.
Unfortunately, it didn't really go very well with the rice and the chicken....
Ended up eating it with the normal chili sauce. (Deja Vu) 

They also had 2 other types of Chicken Rice - The Zinger one with Chilli Crab Sauce and the Roasta one with Honey Glaze.

And the winner is -


But it wasn't by a very big margin to be honest...

The rice for both wasn't very outstanding. Both did not have a special sauce which made any difference.
I guess it all boiled down to the chicken which also was a little bit close to compare.
Price-wise is about the same because it's almost $6.00 when you top-up at Popeyes to have a drink and a side dish (Popeyes Mashed Potatoes are the bomb!)

But having said that... if I really wanna eat Chicken Rice.. then maybe I should just have Chicken Rice...

Did anyone else try either one of these offerings from 2 fast food outlets?
What did you think? Which was better?


  1. Maybe you can try Torigo @ Nex shopping centre.

    1. Hey there! Thanks so much for your recommendation!
      We've been planning to go to Nex for ages because we've heard of the many delicious food outlets there!
      Hope we get to visit soon including Torigo!

      Thanks again and keep the makan spirit alive!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog