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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Delifrance: Le Paris-Singapore

To celebrate 50 years in Asia, Delifrance decided it would be a good idea to commemorate the occasion by releasing a special edition sandwich!

So they got a pair of 1-star Michelin chefs, Jacques & Laurent Pourcel (they are brothers by the way in case you didn't notice), to come up with something special to mark this momentous milestone.

So they came up with the Le Paris-Singapore.

Le Paris-Singapore ($10.80 ala carte)
The bread used is a Rustic Baguette which is not what you'd normally have at Delifrance I guess.
It's got a slightly harder crust for a bigger bite. I think the best way for me to describe it is a cross between a baguette and a ciabatta bun. Not too bad actually.

Inside, you've got oyster sauce and mayonnaise as your base. On top of that, you've got chicken breast with chilli sauce, pieces of pineapple and also wakame (seaweed).

Let me just say that I didn't really get this sandwich.
Chicken breast is fine. The chili sauce was basically a sweet Thai chili sauce. Pineapple gave it a nice tang when you bite down. But the biggest shocker was the wakame.

If the sweet chili sauce seemed like a weird choice, the wakame really takes the cake. I love Japanese food and I definitely have no problems with seaweed but a sandwich is just a weird place to find seaweed!
They claim it gives the sandwich 'walnut notes'. Well, they should have just put walnuts then.
I give them full marks for trying something different. But definitely no marks for thinking about it first.

And with a name like Le Paris-Singapore, I really expected to have a sandwich that has flavours from France or Singapore at least. After all, it's not called Le-Paris-Singapore-Bangkok-Tokyo.
So much for the 1-star Michelin chefs. Pffft.

Adam's Verdict:
Le Paris-Singapore 2/5

Don't get me wrong. This is still an eatable sandwich. You just have to not think about what's inside.
Because the disappointing part will be when you think about what you expected instead. If you just eat it as any other sandwich, then maybe it's not so bad.

That being said, maybe it'll be more satisfying (and cheaper) to stick to a Chicken Mayonnaise Croissant.


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