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We have moved!

Monday, September 23, 2013


If you don't know by now, I have one hell of a sweet tooth. If it's sugar - I want it.
That means desserts are a definitely green light in my book!

So we caught wind on FB about an up and coming cupcake and desserts shop opening in the East so we decided to drop by and pay them a visit! This was our visit to Elovea's!

Wah my photographic skills are on the up and up! :P
Just try and tell me that you don't feel like gobbling down those cupcakes...

Elovea's (E Love A) is actually the brainchild of Asyraf & Emilia (which explains the name... E & A... geddit geddit) and they've been baking delicious goodies for about 8 years as a passion.
And by the way, we understand that Asyraf does a big chunk of the baking! I'm a Home Ec guy myself from Secondary School so let me give my thumbs up to my fellow gentlemen bakers!

Well if they've been baking for about 8 years then surely they have some skills.
Let's have some cupcakes!

Red Velvet ($3.00 per cupcake)
Here at The Halal Food Blog Team, we love our Red Velvet cake.
We've tried it pretty much everywhere we find it (like at USS and Aquamarine) and sometimes we like it and sometimes we don't.

I guess everyone has their own idea about how they like their Red Velvet to be...

The Red Velvet Cupcake at Elovea's is actually pretty good!
I found the cake itself very moist and soft to the bite.

I had tasted some Red Velvet cakes in the past where there was simply no Red Velvet taste at all so it was pretty much just a normal cake but Elovea's version still has the Red Velvet characteristics at least. The taste is not too strong but you can tell it's definitely a Red Velvet taste!

The cream cheese frosting is smooth and goes well with the cake.
But it's not the type with the strong cream cheese taste so if you're the type that goes for that cheesy taste (like me), think of this as a more creamy Vanilla version.

Elovea's considers this as their specialty and we can see why!
With the popularity of Red Velvet nowadays, this must be flying off the shelves!!

Choco Loco ($3.00 per cupcake)
ZOMG you chocolate lovers can rejoice!

A Chocolate cupcake with Chocolate Ganache frosting?
One bite and the chocolate flavour exploded in my mouth (aka this cupcake is the bomb!)

The cake was super moist so you're probably gonna get chocolate cake and cream all over you mouth (or was that just me?) Just remember to pace yourself and breathe in between bites okay (OR WAS THAT JUST ME AGAIN??)

Totally unexpected but this turned out to be my favourite cupcake of the day!
Have I mentioned that the Ganache frosting is the bomb?

Sweet Sea ($3.00 per cupcake)
Here's another up-and-coming flavour.
It used to be just Caramel we went for but nowadays the combination of Salt and Caramel seems a sure winner. I guess there's just something about combining Salty & Sweet that works with desserts.

So you have a Vanilla cupcake with Caramel frosting and Caramel syrup then they top that bad boy off with some Sea Salt.

And for those of you who are worried - it's not as overpoweringly sweet as it looks!
It's just the right balance and a good choice for those who like a traditional vanilla cake instead of chocolate or red velvet.

Strawberry Milkshake ($3.00 per cupcake)
And if you want to go even more traditional than that, then you probably can't go further than the Strawberry frosting on a Vanilla cupcake!

 Good Vanilla cake flavour for the cupcake which goes well with the Strawberry frosting which was pretty thick. Kinda reminded us of the type of buttercream you'd enjoy spread all over a birthday cake.

When I see this cupcake, the first thing I think of is "The kids will go crazy for this."
Perfect choice for kids' parties!

Adam's Verdict: 4/5
Maryah's Verdict: 2.5/5

Asyraf & Emilia - The masterminds of Elovea's
Like I said, everyone's got some idea or other about how they like their cakes and desserts.
Elovea's definitely offers some tasty treats which we enjoyed and we hope to be able to go back for more!
Besides, how many Halal dessert places like this can we find in Singapore?

They also have other goodies like brownies and cookies and more cupcakes!!
For example, I saw on the FB page today that the special for the day was a cupcake called 'Banatella'!
Banana cupcake topped with Nutella!! Ultimate win!

Elovea's makes their cupcakes and desserts on location the night before or on the day itself so you can be sure you're getting some really fresh stuff. They also cater for functions and parties so if you have some ideas for cakes or that kind of thing then you should definitely consider checking them out! They are even able to customize your orders if you have some fancy ideas. Check out their FB page for more info!

We love to support our local food scene and also young entrepreneurship so it's really great to see the new generation paving their way like this.

We wish Elovea's all the best and a bright successful future!


Blk 510 Bedok North Street 3


Operating Hours:
11.00 am til 8.00 pm Tuesdays til Saturdays
11.00 am til 6.00 pm on Sundays
Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays

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