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We have moved!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Asli Village - Fish Soup

When you're feeling under the weather... When your throat feels like it might get shredded if you swallow something solid... You look for soup.

Fish Soup is becoming increasing popular and it seems to getting easier and easier to find someone selling a Halal version nowadays. I remember when I was a kid, there was only one place we saw selling a Halal bowl of fish soup and that was at Bedok South. That stall is obviously long gone. But you can find this dish at most food courts now (eg Banquet, Mr Teh Tarik etc) but is it any good?

After all, the dish seems simple enough to make but will it taste good?

Sliced Fish Soup Noodles ($4.50)

So my darling wife ordered the most basic versions of this dish. Just some sliced fish with noodles in broth.
And of course it comes with all the trimmings like a little tofu, seaweed and veggies.

Now the thing about fish soup is you need to make sure of at least 2 things before you worry about anything else. 1) Ensure the fish does not taste fishy (aka hamching in my books) and 2) the broth is good (and by good I mean tasty with a good,hearty fish flavour).

Unfortunately in this case, neither was done.
The fish definitely has a hint of the hanmching-ness. I'm not sure what fish they are using or whether it was of a fresh enough quality to use for such a dish but it definitely failed the fish-taste test.

In terms of the both, I think you can see for yourself in the picture above.
A little too much oil and to be honest I wouldn't even consider it a fish broth. Not at all.

Fried and Sliced Fish Soup ($5.00)

I like a little bite in my fish soup so I normally go for the mix of fried fish and sliced fish.
And I know I shouldn't but I almost always add a little milk to it.

Okay so for the sliced fish, the challenge is giving a fresh and good quality of fish.
For the fried fish, the challenge is not just the fish but also (and just as importantly) - the batter coating.
The problem is sometimes they overdo the coating so you get very little fish and very odd-tasting batter.

And unfortunately that was the case here.
Not sure what that taste is though... The flour? Baking soda? Sure is weird.
But at least there was still some fish meat to enjoy.

Sliced vs Fried

Which would you choose eh?

Adam's Verdict:
Sliced and Fried Fish Soup 2/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Sliced Fish Soup 1/5

Well I guess the hunt for a good Fish Soup continues!

Asli Village - Fish Soup

1 Pasir Ris Close (Downtown East)

Operating Hours:
10am - 10pm Daily


  1. In the past, vivo banquet has a good fish soup stall but now I guess the cook has changed.

  2. I remember the best Fish Soup I've EVER had is from the food court at Plaza Singapura... but it's one of those No Pork No Lard places...