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We have moved!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fork & Spoon Toa Payoh - HK Beef Noodles

My mum used to work around the area of the HDB Hub in Toa Payoh once upon a many years ago.
And she told me about 2 things that were absolutely a MUST to makan there.
One was a Rojak shop that was so popular that it had a 'queue number' system and the other was a Beef Noodle stall at Fork Spoon.

And since my first taste all those years ago, I always seem to go back for the same thing.
Even though I may order something different, the basics are the same - noodles, beef & gravy.

 (Dry) Beef & Tendon Noodles ($5.50)

(Dry) Beef Noodles ($4.50)

Oh boy just looking at it whets my appetite.
Yum yum yum.

Tender Beef
Okay so I USED to order just the normal Beef Noodles but I've upgraded to have some tendon in the mix as well!!

You actually have a few choices to make when you step up the stall...

Firstly - do you want the Dry (with a thick soy and beefy gravy as seen above) or the Soup. I've never really had the Soup version before so I can't really help you there. Obviously I prefer the Dry.

Secondly - what type of noodles do you want? They have 3 options for you namely kway teow, the wantan-type of noodles and also the thick bee hoon which is the actual default noodle when you order Beef Noodles at most places I guess.

Thirdly - what you want with your noodles. Beef? Beef with Tendon? Beef with Tripe?
Choices choices choices!!!

So depending on your taste I guess some of you might choose something different but it's probably going to include the beef right... And you can see from the picture above, that's one tender piece of beef.
I understand from asking around that most the Beef Noodle stalls elsewhere actually have thinly slice beef strips which are quickly blanched so this is obviously something different. If you ask me, this is technically more of a Stewed Beef Noodle. But stewed or blanched or whatever it's still delicious lah.

Beef Tendon
I don't know when exactly I became a fan of tendon to be honest. Must be something I picked up from my Mum & Dad.

But not just ANY tendon will do.
This particular tendon is so soft that I had to pierce it with my chopstick to hold it up for the picture because it kept sliding off like a piece of jelly. That's how soft it is.

So for you fans of tendon - REJOICE!!

Sorry I can't tell you guys anything about the Tripe version of the noodles though. Maybe some tripe fans can try it out and let me know how it is... Err.. is there anyone out there that likes tripe in the first place???

Well I don't know it this is considered an "authentic" Beef Noodle dish... but it sure as hell is a delicious one in my books and I'd have it over and over again for sure.

Adam's Verdict:
Beef & Tendon (Dry) Noodles 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Beef  (Dry) Noodles 3/5

Things have definitely changed over the years though.
Price has gone up by $0.50 across the board . They used to put Kai Lan instead of cabbage.
But... the beef is still the bomb.

Fork & Spoon Foodcourt (Toa Payoh)

Blk 470 Toa Payoh Lorong 6 (Above Courts)

Operating Hours: 10.00am til 10.00pm Daily


  1. Hi, was told that not all stalls at Fork & Spoon Toa Payoh is Halal. Is this confirmed halal? Thanks.

  2. Salam and thanks for your comment!

    When we asked the stalls at the Fork & Spoon in Toa Payoh, we were told by the stall people that the stalls were all Halal.

    I do remember when I started eating there that they had Halal certificates displayed.
    But - to be perfectly honest - it's been awhile since I have been there so I cannot recall if they displayed the certs when I went to do the review.

    The following site by 'Islamic Events' states that the Toa Payoh Fork & Spoon is Halal.

    But of course, if we are in doubt, it is always best to clarify :)

    If I drop by again, I will be sure to double confirm the details and I will post the information up okay? :)

    Have you 'Liked' our FB page yet? If not, please do feel free to do so. When I put up the update there, you'll be sure to see it! Or if you are okay, please do email me at adamshah.mz@gmail.com and when I get the information, I will email you.

    Once again thanks for your support!

  3. Salam, I'm working in the HDB Hub area & just wna share, if you happen to drop by the place again, you ABSOLUTELY, MUST, HAVE TO try the Mongolian Chicken Rice at the first stall near the stairs! Just next to the Japanese Stall if I'm not wrong. Masha'Allah, SOOODAPPPP!

  4. Salam!!
    Yeah! Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely check it out when I'm back in the Toa Payoh area!

    I chanced upon Fork & Spoon when my mum was working at HDB Hub and I used to meet her for lunch so I'm sure the people working in the area know the best food to have there!!

    Thanks again and we appreciate your support!!

    The Halal Food Blog Team

  5. Not all the food stall there Halal anymore. I also a fan of this beef noodle but it seem that their halal certificate is something wrong. Now u see now u don't so better be careful

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment!
      Sadly, we heard that the stall is no longer there... :(

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog

  6. this stall has either closed down or moved elsewhere :-(

  7. anyone knows where it went to? missing the spicy beef much! :(

  8. Jurong point new "banquet" has this exact stall and delicious too!


  9. Is it confirmed this beef noodle is still at jurong point? I've been looking for it.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Alternatively, you may head down to Level 5 Food Court City Sq Mall (Near Farrer Park MRT) to get a similar version- very chinese like and I say very Yummy!