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We have moved!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ramadhan Special 2014: Jurong West Bazaar

So we asked our readers for some tips on where we could find some Ramadhan Bazaars this year.
And one name seemed to pop up a lot! "Jurong West Avenue 1!!" the people said...
So okay let's go check it out.

And this is what we found!

Tahu Telor - Convenience Packs!
Popiah Sambal
Goreng Pisang
Kuih Muih
Roti Kirai

There was this stall called S Kitchen. Their banner boasted Nasi Lemak and something called Mee Gombak (anyone has any idea what that is??) plus the usual favourites like Mee Goreng/Kway Tiow Goreng Kerang, Roti John and even Carrot Cake.

And just beside it was a stall called Pondok Abang with more crowd faves.

Chee Cheong Fun
Tahu Telor
Here's something interesting... and a little weird to be honest.
We saw a stall selling Popiah Basah but it wasn't the usual fillings...

So instead of the usual stewed turnip, they've replaced it with a turnip/cucumber/carrot salad instead.
Plus something that looks like fish crackers for added crunch perhaps?

Well, I'm not sure about you but I like my Popiah Basah to be the traditional type.

Saw a kebab place with a long queue. Popular choice?
Including dishes like Butter Rice and Sabsuka too!

The one thing that our readers kept recommending was the nasi campur at this bazaar.
There were a lot of stalls selling Nasi Campur but one was apparently more popular than the rest.
Well, our readers could not recall the name but there was this one stall with the longest line and also the most dishes on display...

Hati Ayam

As you can see - lots of dishes on offer at RS Supreme Foodlink!
So many more dishes but there was such a crowd that I couldn't get close enough to snap more pics!

But make no mistake, this was not the only stall selling Nasi Campur and all the lauk-pauk everyone loves so much!

But of course if Nasi Campur is not your thing...

Saw the sign but didn't see any Churros :(

So Jurong West is one of the bigger bazaars we've been. I guess it's comparable in size to the Tampines one when it used to be at the block near Tampines Stadium a few years ago.

I guess it does have quite a bit of stuff and it's useful if you're staying in the area.
There's not really anything here that would make me travel all the way to Jurong just for the bazaar I guess.

But definitely one of the bazaar with the MOST Nasi Camput stalls ever!!

Jurong West Bazaar

Blk 425 Jurong West Avenue 1

Operating Hours:
Around 2.30pm til 6.30pm


  1. Hi Adam! Sweets Fuschia CHURROS is located at the same booth with Ezan Halal Bites Superkebabs. :)

  2. The churros are only available on weekends. So do go early or theyll be sold out :P

  3. The 'POPIAH BAWAH' still using stewed turnip with additional turnip/cucumber/carrot salad. They added crash "bawang goreng" for the crunch and not fish crackers.

  4. Out of context but the mee briyani and roti john black pepper cheese from 863 tampines bazaar is the bomb!

  5. Do a post on woodlands bazaar too plis!

  6. hi,went over to this bazaar after stumble upon ur blog n was so tempted by your cover on the RS SUPREME LINK NASI PADANG so I went down to try it for myself,bought their nasi ambeng which consist of 1 drumstick ayam masak merah(sadly this dish taste stale)which in my opinion are the star dish,potato cutlet,acar,2pcs of liver,serunding n sambal belachan.i was so disappointed with the quality of their food, well I guesses picture can be very deceiving sometimes...

    1. Saya pun rasa gambar2 tu "misleading".."Indah gambar dari rasa"..Saya rasa pihak penganjur harus adakan quality control sebab ada kuih-muih yang basi bila nak makan waktu buka.Oleh kerana saya tinggal dekat sana,saya tengok ada gerai yang kuih-muih mereka sudah berada di sana seawal 9pagi!.Agak2 pukul berapa kuih itu dibuat?

  7. Hi there, does anyone know whether the tauhu telor vendors have an actual shop?