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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Prima Deli: Mother's Day Special 2014


Abundant Love (back) & Pink of Roses (front)

PrimaDeli is back again with some great cakes to celebrate with someone who definitely deserves some cake and so much more - MOTHERS!!

That's right! Mother's day is back again (11th May 2014 for those who were wondering) and mums definitely deserve to sit back and relax. The least we can do to reward them is spend some time with them and celebrate with some cake!

If you remember, we celebrated Mother's Day last year with PrimaDeli (read HERE)
PrimaDeli offers us 2 fine cake creations this year to satisfy varying tastes. One to satisfy any chocolate lover and one for those who prefer something a little bit more light on the palate but no less decadent.
Pink Of Roses ($26.00)
The Pink Of Roses cakes is a definite choice for mums who LOVE CHOCOLATE!!
It looks pink on the outside but underneath the fresh cream roses, you'll find a luscious chocolate sponge cake covered with a rich chocolate ganache.

Mouth watering yet? (Cos mine is!)
Cake weighs approximately 600g by the way.

Abundance of Love ($48.40)
The one got to personally try is called Abundance of Love and I think you can see why!
This cake is packo full of goodies and a little of bit of something for everyone to enjoy!
Let me give you a better view...

Whoa! Take a look at that!

Peach slices, Strawberries, Kiwi, Gooseberries and white chocolate flowers on top!
The sides of the cakes are lined with white chocolate 'wooden planks' so it looks like you're delivering a box of flowers and fruits to mum! Creative or what!

The cake itself is a moist Vanilla sponge with Salted Caramel Cream, almond flakes and chocolate pearls to give it a little bit more bite. This one weighs about 1.2kg.

I quite actually enjoyed the cake. I guess it's a break from the usual chocolate cakes we normally have so it's nice to have a bit of variety. Lots of new and unique cakes out there nowadays and this is definitely one of them!

Both Pink of Roses and Abundance of Love cakes will be available from 17th April (NOW) til 11th May 2014 (Mother's Day itself) so plenty of time but don't wait til the last minute! Sekali sold out how!!

Anyways you need to place your order at least 3 days in advance so be sure to order by 8th May latest to avoid disappointment. You can visit your nearest PrimaDeli or call 6276-3333 to place your orders. More information can be found at www.primadeli.com

More good news!!
Special offers for Early birds and Citibank cardholders!

Early Bird Special:
20% off all Mother’s Day cakes from 17 Apr – 4 May 2014
Citibank Cardholders: 13% off usual price + 10% Citi Rebate

Mother’s Day Promotion:
10% off all Mother’s Day cakes from 5 – 11 May 2014
Citibank Cardholders: 3% off usual price + 10% Citi Rebate

Be sure to place your orders early to enjoy even more savings along with some delicious cakes!

We should reward our mothers every day!
Let's do it with some cake and plenty of love this Mother's Day!

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