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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pizza Hut Signature Series - Pesto Gusto & Wild About Mushrooms

So my darling wife and I were headed home from a check-up one day and we decided to grab some makan before making our way back home. We were actually at a loss and didn't know what to eat.
And then we remembered something special cooking at Pizza Hut.

The Pizza Hut Signature Series is a special range of pizzas which features a special "hand-stretched thin crust" topped with some special toppings for our makan delight.

They had 5 special pizzas.
We decided to try the 2 which seemed like the ones we would enjoy the most.

Pesto Gusto

Pesto Gusto is a pesto-based pizza. It also includes BBQ chicken slices, cherry tomatoes and also almond flakes. And of course - Cheese!

Well, this definitely counts as a unique pizza created specially for this Signature Series but I'm not so sure I quite enjoyed it... I guess the pesto base was not bad and a change from the usual tomato sauce-based pizzas we are so accustomed to. Maybe that's what the cherry tomatoes were for?

I personally felt that the worse part of this pizza was the BBQ chicken slices.
They were pretty tasteless and were actually sliced a little bit too thick maybe?

Wild About Mushrooms

Now this was definitely a pizza I quite preferred.
Most probably because I am literally Wild About Mushrooms!

Here you have a cream-based pizza with truffled mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, arugula (aka rocket).
This pizza actually has 3 of my fave things to eat - mushrooms, cheese and Arugula.
I am so the Mushrooms and Arugula guy by the way.

The mushrooms did have a hint of the truffle oil and definitely had a nice woody and earthy flavour to them. I quite like them this way but I can imagine a few who might not enjoy such a strong mushroom flavour. Again the cherry tomatoes did nothing for me and the cream base went well.

But I must say... A little stingy with the Rocket are we eh Pizza Hut???

Okay so anyways between the 2 pizzas it was actually not too bad.
You can also choose Seafood Symphony (Scallops, Prawns and Squid), Tropical Dream (Chicken Ham, Pineapple and Cream Cheese) or Pumpkin Garden (Pumpkin, Shimeji mushrooms and Cream Cheese).

But there's something else I'd like to point out...

Hand-stretched is one thing but I thought they said this was gonna be a THIN CRUST???
That doesn't look very thin to me buddy.

Adam's Verdict:
Pesto Gusto 2/5 --  Wild About Mushrooms 3/5
Maryah's Verdict:
Pesto Gusto 2.5/5
You can order a meal for 2 which comes with a pizza plus some extras for $28.
A meal for 4 is $48 or you can order the Hand-stretched pizzas a la carte for $19.90.

Pizza Hut

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Delivery Hotline: 62353535


  1. just had bk's rendang burger. It tastes like the good old days