We have moved!

We have moved!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Hei Sushi



Hei Sushi, Singapore's 1st Halal Sushi Belt Restaurant, is a firm favourite whenever we feel like having some good quality Sushi at affordable prices. And of course, it is still the #1 name when it comes to Halal sushi on a conveyor belt (we lovvveeee the conveyor belt!).

Did you know that they actually had 4 resturants?
One at Downtown East, one at Sembawang Shopping Centre, one at the Sakae Building in Tai Seng and also one at IMM. Of all the 4, we've only been to the on at Downtown Eat since we are based in the East.

But there's good news - a 5th restaurant is now open at Bedok Point!!
And on top of that, they've also refreshed their menu with lots of favourites and also some new and creative offerings to satisfy your cravings!!

 Let's start slow...

Chilled Spicy Asari ($2.38)
Are you big fans of clams like we are? Then you're gonna love this!
It's such a simple dish of clams in some flavoured dark sauce and given a bit of a spicy kick with chilli padi (which you can see there).

Definitely a good start!

Wagyu Cheese Neta ($4.38)
I dedicate this dish to my good friend Mr Firdhaus Jab who first texted me about this dish a few months ago. And it is fantastic.

So it's basically a Fried Maki on the bottom with some cheese and then topped off with some Wagyu Beef in sweet soy sauce. Sounds familiar?

They call it the Wagyu Cheese Neta but I call it the CHEESEBURGER SUSHI!!
And it's really delicious! I think I can keep wolfing these down non-stop! That Wagyu Beef is simply the bomb I tell you!

Sunshine Maki ($8.88)
A nice and crispy Fried Breaded Ebi (Prawn) wrapped up in a maki and topped-off with slices of mango! We've also tried the Dragon Roll Maki which has Avocado!

Definitely one of the more interesting bites at Hei Sushi!

Soft Shell Ebi ($4.88)
If your taste is for things a little more simple and traditional, then don't worry!
This is a soft shell prawn that they coat and deep fry to a prefect crisp! It's cooked through and the soft shell means you can pop the whole prawn in your mouth and eat it all! Head, shell and all!!

Shake Sashimi ($9.38)
And of course, there is the all-time favourite - Sashimi!

We are talking about premium slices of fresh Sashimi here! If salmon is not enough for you, then you have other choices too like Ika (squid), Kaki (oyster), Tako (octopus), Mekajiki (Swordfish), Hamachi (Yellowtail) and Maguro (Tuna)!

Hot Bean Hotate ($7.38 for 2 pieces)
Here is another must-try! Some Yakimono for you!

Scallop smothered in a hot bean paste and given a nice brulee so you have a nice charred layer on top.
The paste itself has actually got a nice spicy kick to it and kind of reminded me of Ikan Pari Bakar to a certain extent.

Unagi Yanagawa ($17.88)
Here's one for you to share.
Unagi (River eel) in a hotplate with some vegetables and egg. I'm not much of an Unagi guy but I know some people who definitely are!

Aji Shioyaki (Grilled Jack Mackerel) ($18.88)
This was probably my favourite dish of all the stuff we tried. And boy did we try a lot!
Everything was delicious but I guess sometimes I enjoy the simple things the most.

Here's an air-flown Jack Mackerel that they season simply with some salt and then grill it to sheer perfection and you just end up picking at it over and over again with your chopsticks. No fishy taste to be found here, only simple delicious grilled fish!

Just look at how perfect it is!

Spicy Shake Baked Rice ($4.88)
One of the newer sections in the menu is the Mini Baked Rice.
We tried the Spicy Shake (Salmon) Baked Rice which was delightful. There's a nice creamy cheesy layer on top but don't expect any cream mixed in with the rice okay.

And if salmon is not your thing, they also have Scallop, Eel, Soft Shell Crab and Sashimi Baked Rice for your dining pleasure!

Wagyu Ramen ($17.88)
Looking for something a little more hearty and soupy?
It's Ramen time!

The Wagyu Ramen was excellent and the beef was super tender. Tasty! And you have a choice of the flavour of soup stock for your Ramen! Choose from either Chicken, Curry or Kimchi!

Zarigani Udon ($16.88)
Another new section in the menu you'll notice is the Fusion Udon section.
They still have the traditional Udon and Soba dishes but if you're looking to try something new, then you'll definitely want to try some of these new dishes!

The Zarigani (Crayfish) Udon was actually my Brother's fave dish of the whole visit.
He literally cleaned the plate! That is how tasty it was! Black pepper crayfish with a creamy Udon so you can see how one might enjoy!

Check out the rest of their Fusion Udon dishes too!

Mango Avocado Milkshake ($4.98)
I decided to wash down my massive meal with a Mango Avocado Milkshake.
This really hit the spot and was so refreshing! And it was not too sweet so I was still able to savour the flavours of my food.

Hei Sushi's new menu has lots to choose from.
Sashimi, Salads, Sushi (Makimono, Nigiri, Gunkan, Aburi, Neta, Temaki, Inari), Tempura, Agemono, Yakimono, Ju, Ramen, Baked Rice, Soba, Udon, Nabemono, Habachi, Desserts and even Kiddy Sets!
And of course, you can always sit at the conveyor belt and take your pick of what comes along which is always a fun part of eating at a sushi restaurant.

Japanese cuisine is definitely one of our faves and we can see that it's really caught on as well. Thankfully we have Hei Sushi to bring us a wide spread of Halal Japanese food!

Visit their newest restaurant at Bedok Point today and bring your friends and family as well!
And don't forget the Wasabi!!

Hei Sushi

Bedok Point
799 New Upper Changi Road

Tel: 6441 0760

Operating Hours:
11.30am to 10.00pm Daily

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