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Monday, June 3, 2013

Universal Studios Singapore - Celebrity Cafe and Bakery

Awhile back we received a suggestion from one of readers to check out the Halal makan places in Universal Studios Singapore. Well, guess what? We finally had the chance to go!
We didn't eat that much but we found something worth mentioning!

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) opened several years ago to much fanfare.
We finally had a massive full theme park! And people from all over the world would fly in just to experience USS. And with such a massive influx of people visiting the park, it was definitely a good idea to cater to Muslim visitors and have a few Halal-certified eateries.

You actually have quite a wide selection with several different cuisines to suit your tastes and they are themed to match the area of the park they are located.

  • Mel's Drive-In (Hollywood) has American-style diner food like burgers and milkshakes.
  • Oasis Spice Cafe (Ancient Egypt) serves Middle Eastern and Indian fare.
  • Friar's and Goldilocks (Far Far Away) serve sandwiches and fried chicken respectively.
  • Marty's Casa Del Wild (Madagascar) serves mostly Thai food.
  • Celebrity Cafe & Bakery (Hollywood) is exactly as the name implies.

And believe it or not - with such a wide selection, we only got to try one during our last visit!
We were so busy enjoying the sights and the rides that we actually didn't have anything proper to eat!

Well fear not, the one thing that we DID try was really good.

Red Velvet Cake ($8.00)
So we settled down at Celebrity Cafe & Bakery just before the park was closing so we could have a cool down after the long day in the park.

As usual, when we see Red Velvet anywhere, it simply MUST be had!

This was a pretty solid slice of cake with a generous layer of cream cheese on top and in between the layers of soft red velvet cake. The taste was not very overwhelming and the cream cheese gave a nice contrast against the subtle taste of the red velvet cake. A since it's such a big piece, 2 people can share a slice (if you don't feel so greedy that is)

But... $8.00 is a pretty heft price to pay for a slice of cake I'd say..

Oreo Cheesecake ($7.90)
For you cheesecake lovers out there - rejoice! (Or should you?)

Looks like a pretty standard slice of Oreo Cheesecake doesn't it?
Well if you look closely, you'll notice that there are actually layers of sponge cake in between so you're not really getting that full slice of cheesecake you'd expect.

I guess it's not a bad thing for those of you who don't mind but I guess it's just different from what we'd normally expect when we have cheesecake.

And don't ask me why it's 10 cents cheaper than the Red Velvet Cake.

Adam's Verdict:
Red Velvet Cake 3/5 -- Oreo Cheesecake 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Red Velvet Cake 4.5/5 -- Oreo Cheesecake 3/5

Actually, I didn't realize how expensive these cakes cost until I started writing this review.
But my darling wife says this is the 2nd best Red Velvet she's had so I guess it was worth it.

There are actually so many Halal makan places in USS and we only managed to have some cake this time.
Hopefully in future we can spend a little more time eating! 

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery

Universal Studios Singapore (Hollywood)


Operating Hours: 10.00am til 7.00pm Daily


  1. The best halal food in Universal Studios Singapore is in Madagascar.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment!
      We ate at Cairo the last time. Hopefully we get to try Madagascar next time!

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    1. Hi Travel Delight!

      Thanks so much for the support! Indeed there's plenty of info on Halal Food in Singapore on our blog!
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