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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Burger King: Rendang Burger

Here's a little-known fact.
My darling wife and I used to work at Burger King when we were younger!

It was just around the time after leaving school and I'm sure some of you also had a go at some fast food restaurant or other. In fact, it's quite an experience!

Well it's probably for that reason that my darling wife and I have a special place in our hearts for BK. Since we spent a lot of time with ingredients and the actual making of the burgers etc, that's probably why we hold BK in such high regard and also why we expect such high standards from BK.

Photo from Burger King
One of the most unique burgers ever in the history of Burger King (or even in Singapore I dare say) was the Rendang Burger. BK's flame-grilled beef patties topped with special Rendang sauce and onions! Yummy!

It was a sure winner back in the days and it was actually probably the only burger which uniquely held a special Singaporean flavour. I can't think of many other burgers which has such a uniquely local gimmick.
Well, the beloved Rendang burger unfortunately disappeared from BK menus islandwide quite awhile back.
It's been at least a few years...

You can imagine our excitement when we saw the ad... THE RETURN OF THE RENDANG BURGER!
Could it really be true???

BK Rendang Deluxe ($6.95 for the meal)
Let me start with the most important part of this burger - the Rendang Sauce.
And I have 4 words for you - IT'S-NOT-THE-SAME.

I don't mean that in a nostalgic-living-in-the-past kind of way. The sauce is literally different.
Trust me. My darling wife and I opened A LOT of Rendang Sauce cans when we were with BK and this is definitely not the same stuff. This one actually reminds me of Satay Sauce without the peanuts.

And for those of you who noticed - they use diced onions for this burger.
If there is one thing I remember about BK if there is onion in the burger, it's the round sliced onions.
I'm talking about the type you get with the BK Whopper you know what I mean. These chopped onions have no bite at all. They should have just left them out if this is the case.

And last but not least.
If you order the Rendang Deluxe (which is the double patty version), you get Turkey Bacon in the burger.
I'm not sure why. But there's some Turkey Bacon in there.

You can also have the Single Rendang Meal ($4.95) which doesn't have any Turkey Bacon.

Adam's Verdict:
BK Rendang Deluxe 2.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
BK Rendang Single 3/5

Please don't get me wrong.

This wasn't a bad burger. It's just different from how it used to be and I reckon that quite a number of people will agree with me in saying they're disappointed because they were expecting a nice big bite of the old Rendang burger we all love. Oh well.

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  1. Oh.. also, there is no sauce in between the 2 patties if you buy the Dbl Rendang burger. I wonder if its on purpose or they just forgot to put on ours. hrmmm...

    Maryah Q
    The Halal Food Blog Team