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Thursday, June 20, 2013

KL Sedap Part 5: Shimino Japanese Crepes

So at the top level of Pavilion shopping mall, there's a small section they call Tokyo Street.
You can find all kinds of Japanese-inspired shops there like fashion, accessories and even food.
There's even a shop that specializes in selling traditional Japanese tea including all the pots and utensils.

It's actually pretty nice to talk a walk around

One of those shops selling makan is this place called Shimino Japanese Crepes.
Japanese and Crepes are not 2 words I normally put together...
So how different is a Japanese Crepe from a Non-Japanese Crepe? Well let's find out...

And to help us find out we have our fellow guest reviewers;

Azim & Razali
 As you can tell, they've got smiles on their faces so the crepes must nice right?

Fresh Mango & Honey Crepe (RM8.90)
Fresh Strawberry & Chocolate Sauce Crepe (RM8.90)
So the first thing you notice is that the crepes are made into a cone shape which makes it easy to eat on the go. Try to think of it as like you're having an ice-cream or something.

The crepes itself are made to order which means you get it fresh. I guess they kinda have to make it fresh because the crepes would definitely be sucky if they we made then left to sit waiting for orders.

Whatever filling you choose, you can actually mix and match what else goes in the crepe.
Fro example, ours was actually a Fresh Strawberry and Honey crepe but we opted for the Chocolate Sauce instead and they top it off with toppings like almond flakes, peanuts, rainbow sprinkles etc.
But the one thing that you should leave alone is the fresh cream that is packed with the filling.

I actually thought it was going to be just whipped cream out of the can or something but it really was a nice surprise that it was FRESH cream! And they're not stingy with the filling as you can see. Packed full of sweet strawberries!

And they actually have wide varieties of crepes to choose from.
Classics like Banana Chocolate, Peaches, Kiwi and Pineapple and all ready for you to eat.
They also have more interesting flavours like Mandarin Orange and Coffee Jelly!

And in case you feel like having some savoury crepes instead, they have flavours like Roast Beef, Chicken Teriyaki, Roast Duck and Seafood Mayo.

Adam's Verdict:
Fresh Strawberry & Chocolate Sauce Crepe 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Fresh Strawberry & Chocolate Sauce Crepe 3.5/5

Razali's Verdict:
Fresh Mango & Honey Crepe 3.5/5

Azim's Verdict:
Fresh Mango & Honey Crepe 3.5/5

Well I'm not sure if it's different from any other crepe I've had but it's still a good dessert nonetheless.
Just try to maintain when you eat... Like Azim.

Shimino Japanese Crepes

Pavilion KL
168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tokyo Street (Level 6) P6.16.00

Operating Hours: 10.30am til 10.00pm Daily


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