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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Phuket Power! Part 3: Amena Burger (aka Soi Sansabai Burger)

Finally - the post all of you have been waiting for...
(And by 'all of you' i mean 'my brother')

So my brother headed to Phuket back in May 2012 and he came back raving about some burger that was apparently supposed to be very nice. "Soi Sansabai Burger aka SSSBB" he would keep saying.
He even went as far as to say - it was the best burger he'd ever had.

Some mighty claims to make for a burger eh.
Apparently he wasn't the only one who thought this burger was the bomb. Apparently it's so popular that they even have a fan page on FB! Hmmmm....

So we had to wait almost a year before we would have the chance.
It was actually quite irritating to heard my Brother keep repeating how much he was craving for the "SSSBB" month after month after month.

And finally, we made the trip to Phuket in March 2013.
This had better be worth it...

The very first night we were there, we started the walk to what was supposed to be the best burger in the world... But then something weird happened.

Apparently they had opened another stall which happened to be on the way to the original stall.
And it was a good thing we spotted it to.

So it's called Amena Burger and that's the entire menu.
And if you noticed - the sell BURGERS!

So since we were going to be there for a few days, we decided to try out the new outlet that just opened and go to the original stall later on.

So what did we decide to have?
Pretty much everything lah.

That's a picture of delicious proportions I tell you.

If you get the Beef Burger, it's a giant patty of beef.
If you get the Chicken Burger, it's strip of tender chicken.
All this in between a crisp bun with fresh veggies and sauces.

How can this possible get any better??
Oh wait. It can.

Cheese Beef Burger (฿80)
This is one helluva beef patty.
It's seasoned just nicely and when they grill it, they leave a nice crispy char on the outside so you get a nice juicy bite with a little crunch.

The lettuce, onions and tomato are fresh so you get a nice serving of your veggies as well.
And of course, cheese is always welcome in my burgers.

One thing I actually really like is the bun.
It's not your average Gardenia or Ramly burger bun. I'm not sure if they make it themselves but this bun is perfect because it's got a nice crisp to it and it doesn't get soggy like other buns once the sauces hit it.
And believe you me, this is a big plus when you're eating a burger loaded with mayonnaise, chilli sauce and ketchup on the sidewalk in Phuket.

Chicken Burger (฿80)
For those expecting some minced chicken meat patty, think again.

Amena's Chicken Burger is made up of tender chicken breast strips.
It's grilled just nicely and of course you get all the usual trimmings like veggies and cheese.
The bun still rocks so go ahead and add in your sauces.

Some might say this is more of a sandwich and not a burger since there's no patty.
Well, call it what you want - it's still THE BOMB!

And for those egg lovers out there, you can add a little egg-wrapper ala Ramly burger style if you like!

Oh and by the way. Please don't let the photos fool you.
The images you see do not fairly depict the actual size of the burger you get...

Yep it's THAT big.
So order one first and then order a 2nd if you're still hungry.
Don't go and order 2 at one go and then later cannot finish because this is a monster burger that will definitely fill you up!!

If it's just the extra patty you're after, order a Double Burger for an extra ฿40!!

Chicken Hotdog (฿80)
Not in the mood for burgers?
Well you're in luck! They also have hot dogs!

It's a chicken sausage in the same type of bread as the burgers (but obviously shaped accordingly) and with all the usual veggies and sauces as well.

It's very filling and quite nice but I think that after I had the burger, all I could think about was another burger!

If you're stopping at the 2nd outlet, look out for these 2.
They're going to cook you up a storm of yummy burgers and they're very cool people!
If they're not too busy, strike up a chat with them!

If you head down to the original stall at Soi San Sabai, look out for this guy who is usually there with the Head Boss, Amena.

We headed down there the next few nights and had some burgers and they were bloody delicious I tell you.

One advantage of heading down to the original stall is that they set up some tables and chairs so that if you're eating there, you have a place to sit down and enjoy your burger.

The 2nd stall only has some chairs at the side of the sidewalk which means you're going to face a bit of a challenge trying not to look like a weirdo when you tuck into your burger.

And one important thing to note it that the stall only open in the might hours so I'm afraid you need to head out after the sut has set in order to enjoy the burgers.. but it's definitely worth it!

Adam's Verdict:
Beef Burger 4.5/5 -- Chicken Burger 3.5/5 -- Hot Dog 2.5/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Beef Burger 5/5 (He actually gave 6/5) -- Chicken Burger 5/5

Raffiq's Verdict:
Beef Burger 4.5/5 -- Chicken Burger 5/5 

John's Verdict:
Beef Burger 4/5 -- Chicken Burger 4/5

So was my Brother exaggerating when he said it was The Best Burger In The World?
Well, it's definitely the best burger that I have ever had.

And if you have any problems finding the burgers, just ask around.
I guarantee you someone will be able to point you in the right direction!

That's (the actual) Amena by the way
Updated 30 October 2014

Amena Burger (Original)

Yorkshire Hotel
Soi Sansabai
Kathu, Patong, Phuket, Thailand


Operating Hours:
Between 12.00am til 7.00am 

Amena Burger (Moved)

Soi Sansabai (Beside Rock City)
Kathu, Patong, Phuket, Thailand


Operating Hours:
Between 12.00am til 7.00am


  1. Best burger in the world... i wish i was in phuket later at 1am so i can have the original amena burger aka soi san sabai burger aka SSSBB aka best burger in the fucking world!

  2. And how dare you guys give the burgers anything less than a 5/5?!?!?

  3. The beef burger is my favourite for sure!

  4. Hi... we are in phuket and wants to try this burger along soi sansabai as we staying around there. Is it only open at night? And how do we recognise it?

    1. Hi there! The best landmark is Bangla Road!
      At one end of Bangla Road, there's a pub/club called RED HOT which has a live band. When you're there, you're really close by.

      You have to cross the street and walk down the lane til and you surely can't miss the burger stall which should be on the right hand side. It's situated in front of a photo shop (which will be closed) and directly across from it will be a pizza place. Anyways once you're walking down the soi, there's no way you can miss it.
      But make sure you only go there around 1am Phuket time to be safe okay!

      Enjoy and tell us how you liked it!!

    2. PS look at that map we posted above. Rock City is closed but the Golden Man symbol is where you should be heading. Across the street where is says Margarita Bar is where Red Hot is currently situated.

  5. Ahhhh.. we are staying in acca patong which is on soi sansabai itself. Hope we can find it with your tips. Thank you for the help. =) will tell you how we find it. The burger looks awesome in your picture. Believe we will feel that way too. =)