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We have moved!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Phuket Power! Part 1: Banana Pancake

Just across the street from our hotel (White Sand Resortel), there's this guy and his cart.
And he sells pancakes.

Muhammad Hassan is his name. Remember his face.
He actually used to work in Singapore making (you guessed it) pratas!
So by Banana Pancake, we meat the sorta-like-prata type not the flour-crepe type.

Banana Nutella Pancake (฿60)
Tell me that doesn't looks appetizing.
You've got Banana and Nutella wrapped in the thin crisp pancake and condensed milk drizzled on top.

If the first picture didn't get you then I'm sure this one did.

You actually have a wide range of choices for your pancake.
He's got

Banana + Chocolate
Banana + Nutella
Banana + Honey
Banana + Cinnamon
Banana + Peanut Butter
Honey + Lemon + Sugar
Coconut + Chocolate
Banana + Coconut
Banana + Chocolate + Coconut
Egg + Banana + Chocolate
Banana + Blueberry + Chocolate
Banana + Pineapple + Chocolate
Banana + Honey + Starwberry
Egg + Cheese + Cinnamon
Egg + Banana + Raisins
Banana + Nutella + Chocolate

OMG. Choose wisely because you probably can't try every single one in your one trip.

No bananas were harmed in the making of this pancake.
And even if there were, they all went to heaven.

Banana Chocolate Pancake (฿40)
There's a difference between Nutella and Chocolate obviously.
If you can't decide, then maybe you can try the Nutella + Chocolate + Banana one.
I wish I had...

I actually tried the Honey + Lemon + Sugar pancake.
It was pretty tasty and definitely different but it didn't have the same kick because there was no filling.
I'm guessing anything with Banana would be a minimum choice.

Adam's Verdict:
Banana Nutella Pancake 4/5 -- Honey Lemon Sugar Pancake 2/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Banana Nutella Pancake 4/5 

Raffiq's Verdict:
Banana Chocolate Pancake 3.5/5

John's Verdict:
Banana Chocolate Pancake 5/5

If you're in Phuket, this is a must try!
There'll be plenty of the same type of stalls but not all Halal so look carefully okay.

Banana Pancake

Cross Junction of Sawatdirak Road headed to Patong Beach
Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Operating Hours: 12.00pm til 9.30pm Daily

Image from Google Maps


  1. You have their recipe?

  2. Hi! Thanks for your comment!
    Hahaha I'm afraid we don't have the recipe but it's basically just a roti prata with some filling.
    If you can make roti prata, you can make this! :P

    Adam Shah
    The Halal Food Blog

  3. thanks! I've tried it, it was really good! I'll just search how to make a roti prata :)