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Monday, May 6, 2013

Phuket Power! Part 2: Royal India Indian Food

So it's a couple of days into our trip in Phuket and we're waiting for our day to begin.
And what better way to start your day than with a nice hearty breakfast am I right???

We asked around the locals because we actually had no idea what the locals had for breakfast.
Someone said fried rice. Most of the street peddlers seemed to be selling little packets of rice or noodles with veggies and minced meat.

So believe it or not - we settled on some Indian food.

The main reason for this was we were waiting for a buddy of mine at the hotel and there happened to be this new shop just across from our hotel which was selling Indian Food. Royal India sounded like a trustworthy name am I right?

Well we actually wanted prata (seriously) but I guess we had to settle on some other stuff instead.

Garlic and Butter Naan (฿60 each)
The place had just opened so I guess they had no choice but to make these naan fresh.
Nice and steaming hot fresh from the oven for sure. I have to say the Naan was actually quite nice.
In fact it may have been the only thing I enjoyed.

Lamb Curry (฿150)
Okay the mutton curry actually was not bad.
Well it's not like it was the best lamb curry I ever had but at least it was edible.

Edible? Why would I say edible?

Chicken Curry (฿150)
We actually received the Chicken Curry first.
When I first tried it, I commented that it had a little bit of a sour tang to it. We decided it might be because they might have added some yoghurt to the curry which was actually very common in Indian cooking.

And then, my brother took a nice big bite of a piece of chicken.
And then he spat it out.

Apparently, the chicken had gone rancid.
This wasn't a case of yoghurt in the curry or even the chicken not being washed properly.
This was a case of ROTTEN CHICKEN CURRY.

We pointed it out the the waiter and he told us "All Phuket chicken tastes like that."
Errr we've eatena lots of chicken in Phuket and no not all Phuket chicken tastes rotten.

Adam's Verdict:
Garlic Naan 2.5/5 -- Lamb Curry 2/5

Azlan's Verdict:
Garlic Naan 2/5-- Butter Naan 3/5

Raffiq's Verdict:
Garlic Naan 3/5 -- Lamb Curry 3/5

Kumar's Verdict:
Garlic Naan 0/5 -- Lamb Curry 0/5

As you can tell, Kumar was really angry about the Chicken Curry.
In fact, they all have negative ratings (-10 and -5) but of course, we don't give ratings for rotten food here on The Halal Food Blog. Remember the Lo Mai Kai?

Needless to say, we didn't pay for the Chicken Curry.

And the worst thing is - that guy in the font of the restaurant had the balls to keep asking us to come in and eat again EVERY DAY after that.

Take this more of a warning than a review. Avoid the Chicken Curry!!

Royal India Indian Food

Sawatdirak Road
Patong, Phuket, Thailand

Operating Hours: 10pm til 10.30pm Daily


  1. lousy place... lousy service... avoid....

  2. it looks nice though.......

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