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We have moved!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Makan In Malacca Part 3: Hard Rock Cafe

I just wanna rock and roll all night!

Let me start by making something very very clear.
The food served at Hard Rock Cafe in Malaysia (ie Malacca & KL) is certified Halal.
Their kitchen and ingredients are all certified Halal BUT the establishment itself is not certified Halal for the simple and obvious reason that they serve alcohol on the premises.

So the food is Halal but if you are really particular then please take note that they serve alcohol on the premises. The choice is ultimately yours :)

Well anyways, HRC is renowned for their western food but I'm afraid to say that their reputation has taken a bit of a dive recently. Some favourites like the Mushroom Soup and Beef Brisket have been removed from the menu and recent visits (to the KL outlet) showed that the service leaves a lot to be desired.

But hey. How can we resist right?

Black Pepper Steak (RM70.00)
A 7 oz. Striploin smothered in black pepper with mashed potatoes and vegetables!!
Is your mouth watering yet???

The serving is actually pretty big (as it is with most of the mains at HRC).
The meat was juicy and the mashed potatoes was the bomb! You could go for the Sirloin if you like but I reckon the extra kick that comes with black pepper sauce is a big pull factor.

The meat was cooked almost to perfection.
Medium-Well most of the ways but the closer we got to the centre, the pinker it became until it was pretty much rare right in the middle.

Hickory-Smoked Pulled-Lamb Sandwich (RM33.00)
I have this little obsession.
You see, I watch the Food Network a lot and I always see these places in America that have these massive BBQ menus. One of those items they have is the Pulled-Pork Sandwich.

Obviously I can't eat that actual item right? But it always amazes me to see how well-cooked the meat is and how tenderly it pulls apart all drenched in BBQ sauce.

Well I was really excited when I saw this on the menu.
They had a Lamb and a Chicken version so I decided to try the one which would probably have more flavour.

Phew let me tell you this was a mouthful of a sandwich.
The bread was really crusty which is just how I like it and the beans and coleslaw sides really help.

The meat itself was very tasty and tender but unfortunately a tad too dry.
It's fine at first but after awhile you start to realize it's pretty dry. The menu says that it's "served with your choice of their authentic vinegar-based or Hickory BBQ sauces" but when I asked the waitress, she said it's already been incorporated into the meat when it was cooked. Hmmm.. but I didn't choose yet.

Oh well never mind. The meat was still good enough but be sure to have your drink handy.

Plus at RM33.00 (approx $13.00) it's a steal.

Adam's Verdict:
Hickory-Smoked Pulled-Lamb Sandwich 3.5/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Black Pepper Steak 4/5

They have a live band that comes in on weekends so you can head down and have some good food if you're into the rock and roll. If not, then walk-off your meal with a stroll down Jonker Street just beside the HRC.

And by the way, the staff here were pretty attentive compared to what I heard about the KL outlet.
Or maybe it was the voice on the PA system calling to the staff to attend to tables.

Hard Rock Cafe Melaka

No.28 Lorong Hang Jebat, Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: 606-292 5188

Operating Hours: 
11:30AM - 1:00 AM (Sunday til Thursday)
11:30 AM - 2:00 AM (Fri, Sat & Eve of PH) - Kitchen Closes at 10:30 PM

Image from Google Maps

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