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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Makan In Malacca Part 2: Restoran Hajjah Ruhana

One of the biggest surprises we got when we were in Malacca was how fiercely proud the locals were about the Asam Pedas there. I mean, I know Malacca has a lot of yummy food but I've actually never heard anyone say "Hey Malacca is the place to go for Adam Pedas!".

And the funny thing is that after someone told us about it, we suddenly noticed makan places all over proudly displaying signs touting their Asam Pedas.

Well now this was definitely interesting.

Well after a long session of walking and shopping, my darling wife and I decided it was finally time to try some 'Famous' Asam Pedas. The weather was hot. Out feet were tired. And we were bloody hungry.

Just beside Pahlawan Walk, we stumbled upon Restoran Hajjah Ruhana.
To be honest, it was the closest place where were and it had available seats. There was another makan place just opposite but it seemed like a giant family had swarmed the place so we settled down at Hajjah Ruhana.

As you can see, it's really a modest place.
Simple set-up and it's literally what you see is what you get!

There was a decent spread of vegetable dishes both cooked (like taugeh and bayam etc) and raw (like urap and kacang botor etc) so you should be spoiled for choice in that department. Don't forget to grab the extras like salted egg and sambal belacan too if you fancy!

Well we were here for the Asam Pedas!
They had like 5 or 6 different varieties there each cooked with a different fish. For those of you who are particular about the type of fish (like me) then you should be able to find at least one that you're agreeable with lah so no problem.

Asam Pedas (Ikan Sembilang) with Ladyfingers and Bayam
Asam Pedas (Ikan Tenggiri) with Kacang Botor, Urap and Salted Egg
I'm not really a catfish fan so my wife had the top plate and the bottom one was mine.

It's really simple.
You get your rice, get your mains and your veg and sit down. The lady will come and tally up later.
It's self-serve so you can take as little or as much as you want. And it's really reasonable priced too!

For those 2 plates of food PLUS 4 drinks (hot day so 2 drinks each) it came up to RM22.60!
That's like... $5 per person for everything!

And trust me, it's really good and hearty.

Asam Pedas Ikan Tenggiri
The Asam Pedas in Melacca is really quite unique.
We were really curious to know what was so different from the Asam Pedas we get back home in Singapore and there really is a difference. We can't quite place it but it's just... different.

It's definitely thicker in consistency and that kind of make a difference I guess.
Who knows what secret ingredients or techniques they employ in Melacca. Anyways I'm sure that everyone has their secret recipe. If we were to eat at a different restaurant, it might taste different probably.

Adam's Verdict:
Asam Pedas 4/5

Maryah's Verdict
Adam Pedas 4/5

But let me say this - my wife is not an Asam Pedas fan at all.
But she still says that this is delicious and she literally cleared her plate of food.
Maybe we were really hungry? Maybe it was damn delicious.

Restoran Hajjah Ruhana

Jalan PM3, Plaza Mahkota, Melaka
(Below Comfortable Inn Hotel)

Operating Hours: 10.00am til 10.00pm Daily

Image by Google Maps


  1. Sorry but have tasted better ...

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment!

      And there's no need for sorry! I'm very sure there are better dishes out there no matter what it is we eat!
      Just so happens that this was the one place that we tried when we were there :)

      And since you mentioned it, may I please check where exactly it is that you've had this "better" version?
      Insya Allah we can try it too! :)
      Thanks once again and hope to hear from you soon!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

  2. babe u should try satay kerang kat melaka area kota laksamana. warung tepi jalan berdekatan dengan pak putra (kedai mamak). peniaga pakcik dan makcik. mmg best!!! dia buka malam je. go!!!! and make a review.

    1. HARLOW!!

      You know what.. just reading your comment makes me excited!
      Not sure when our next trip to Melaka is going to be but we will be sure to try and find this makan place!!

      Thanks again for the tip!!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog

  3. Salam,

    Just stumbled across your blog for the first time and am impressed with your effort in searching for HALAL food joints! Currently staying in London, but do message me if you want a list of halal restaurants here in London, if you want to come here. Will be happy to help. Thanks again! Good Luck!

  4. Salam Shereen!

    Thanks so much for your support and offer!
    Insya Allah we will get to venture to the UK soon and try out some of the Halal fare there!

    Thanks again and have a great 2014!!

    Adam Shah
    The Halal Food Blog Team

  5. Guys I just went there yesterday. It's not what I expected. My parents a bit disappointed. There were ants in my drinks. God knows what else fell into their cooking pots.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment!

      Alamak! So sorry to hear that your visit was not an enjoyable experience.
      Hope you managed to have a better one at another Asam Pedas joint in Melacca.

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog

  6. Salam,

    I was contemplating visiting Malacca soon and was just wondering about the Halal situation because I heard its mainly Chinese/ Non-Muslim. Is all of the food there halal or do you have to be careful? I want to book a hotel there or a week but I'm worried about the meat situation lol.

    Thx in advance

    1. Hi there! Thanks for your comment!

      Definitely we understand the concerns you might have when travelling and finding Halal food.
      Luckily, Malaysia is still not so bad and even though Melaka has a good mix of Chinese/Malays, it's still fairly easy to determine if a place is Halal and okay for consumption.

      Some places may not have any obvious certs displayed etc but do not be afraid to ask the staff.
      Same goes for the hotel too. Ask them in advance before booking if their hotel restaurant is certified Halal or if there are any Halal eateries nearby for your convenience. Most hotels will have this information ready.

      Hope you have a great trip and let us know if you had any great makan experiences there!

  7. Thank you so much was relying heavy on this post before I book a hotel there lol. Appreciate it, and I hope you don't mind if I ask a few more later on!

    Thanks again