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We have moved!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Ikea: Swedish Meatballs

I've heard so much about the Swedish Meatballs at Ikea.

For so long, they were not available to us as the original version consists of beef and pork.
But, I'm glad to say that Ikea has their own ' Halal' section in the food hall which means we have a chnace to sample some of their offerings.

They may not offer the exact same items as you might find on their non-Halal line... and I know it's kinda weird to see that they offer traditional favourites like Mee Siam (seriously) and Nasi Lemak in their Halal line-up.

But hey. We're here for the meatballs.

Swedish Meatballs ($5.50 for 10 pieces)
So the Halal version of their Swedish Meatballs consists of beef and chicken.
It's served with some boiled potatoes, Lingonberry jam and the balls are doused in a basic brown gravy.

The meatballs themselves were actually very well seasoned.
A little on the chewy side but still quite tasty nonetheless and the gravy gives a peppery kick.

I have to say I quite enjoyed the Lingonberry jam together with the meatballs.
Lingonberries are actually common in Sweden and you can even buy a jar of the jam at the Ikea Markethall.
They give a nice sweet/sour contrast to the meat and the brown gravy.

Don't expect to much of the potatoes though. They're just boiled with perhaps a little salt for seasoning.
But I love potatoes so I still whacked them all the same.

I actually dropped by to try these little balls when Ikea was having their great '10-cents Meatball' frenzy.
Normal price for 10 is $5.50 but you also have the options of 5 for $2.90, 15 for $8 or, if you're really hungry, $9.50 for 20 meatballs!

Photo by Eriyana
My great curiosity with the Swedish Meatballs came about when my sister-in-law had lunch with my brother at Ikea and sent me this picture. And it looked damn delicious!!

I think like more than a year later and I finally went down to have it lah.

Adam's Verdict:
Swedish Meatballs 3/5

If we ever do go down to Ikea, I'm not sure if we'll makan there.
But if we did, I'd probably have the Swedish Meatballs over the Mee Siam.

Ikea (Tampines)

60 Tampines North Drive 2
Tel: 6786 6868

Operating Hours: 9.30am - 10.30pm Daily


  1. actually the local food is delicious, more so than the meatballs. surprising right? XD

    1. Wow! Haha! I would never have guessed!
      Is there any of the local fare that you would recommend?