We have moved!

We have moved!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Tampines Bazaar Ramadhan

I'm sure many of you east-siders know of the famous 'bazaar bawah blok' in Tampines right?

It used to be situated at Blk 942 just before the Tampines Stadium junction) and there was always traffic congestion in the late afternoons because people would park and wait at the bus stop at the side of the road just to rush in and get some food.

Well I'm afraid the bad news is that there is no more bazaar there this year.

But my darling wife and I decided to go check out a lead and found out that it has now shifted to a different location in Tampines!

It's now been shifted to Blk 301 Tampines Street 32 (like duh as seen above).
This is just across the road from Tampines East CC (the big green one) and at the same junction where you turn in at Ngee Ann Secondary School to get to Tampines Mart.

Well you've still got your usual mix of stall but most of them selling the same thing.

I think at least half of the stall were selling all the lauk-pauk for you to enjoy with rice.
I saw a Kebab stall. I saw a couple of stalls selling burgers. And a lot of stall selling kuih-muih.

The one major stall that was missing seems to be the stall that sells 'Bee Hoon Briyani'.
When the bazaar at Blk 942 was still around, I remember the biggest crowd would be for this Bee Hoon Briyani and it would sell out the fastest as well.

So if you're looking for Bee Hoon Briyani you might wanna head down to Bussorah Street instead.

Two more things I simply have to point out.

1 - The parking is going to be hell.
2 - The block is not as spacious as Blk 942. So prepare for the situation as shown below

Bazaar Ramdhan

Void deck of Blk 301 Tampines Street 32
Operating Hours: 3.00pm - 7.00pm daily (21 July - 17 August)


  1. According to an old schoolmate, Ashari, whose family runs a stall at the bazaar - "The bazaar at blk 940 will cease operation due to several complaints by residents and traffic wardens and so after much discussing with the people in charge, we are given space at block 301 which is smaller in place and so only shop owners living in tampines are given slots... My family shop is still there selling the kebabs, nasi beryani and drinks. Thanks for your patronage and support of our bazaar."

  2. Assalamu 'alaikum. Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Abu Unaisah. If u r looking for Mi Hoon Briyani, please visit Al Mathbakh on FB. Thank you.

    - Abu Unaisah, Al Mathbakh

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