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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bazaar Geylang - Peking Duck

Peking Duck ($5.00)

So my old classmate Sharil commented to me "Eh Adam I wanna eat Peking Duck got or not halal one?".
Okay so maybe he didn't say it EXACTLY like that.

So I did some research and guess what?
I could not find a single place in Singapore that sells Halal Peking Duck.
Roasted duck - yes. Peking Duck - no.

But behold! I came across it! Just as I remember it from last year!
Okay so maybe it's not the real thing but it comes close enough I guess...
And as you can see from the picture above, it actually doesn't look that bad.

The original version of Peking Duck sees a duck roasted til the skin is crispy while the meat remains tender and juicy. It is then dipped in several sauces (ie soy and garlic sauces) before being wrapped in a thin flour pancake with some cucumber and a sweet bean sauce.

The version above may not be the Real McCoy but trust me it's actually not that bad.

I spoke to the guy who's peddling the stuff (see him smiling?).
Apparently you'll only get to buy this stuff during Bazaar Geylang because they don't have a physical shop anywhere else. He also said they set-up sometimes at certain pasar malams but I'll be honest with you I have never seen this at any pasar malam.

They are actually a Halal roasted duck supplier so I guess their duck must be pretty good.
They are also selling Takopachi balls at a connected stall but I'm just here for the duck!

So the roasted duck slice is wrapped in a flour pancake.
The pancake looks slightly thicker than what I see in those Food Network shows that feature the original Peking Duck but I guess it's not so bad. There's not much taste to it anyways.

The roasted duck slick itself is actually pretty good.
It's missing the crispy skin but it's very tender and it's actually a pretty thick slice.
The thing about duck is that you have to clean and cook it properly or else it'll still have that gamey 'ducky' smell/taste but this duck is definitely well roasted.

I didn't get any unpleasant taste when I bit into it but then again it could be because of the sauce.
It's not an original sweet bean sauce but it's actually Hoisin sauce which is fine because Hoisin sauce is sometimes used in the original Peking Duck.
But it's definitely a sweet sauce. It's actually tastes close to the sweet sauce when you eat Yong Tau Foo.

Adam's Verdict:
Peking Duck 3/5

You get 6 rolls for $5.
This may actually be considered quite pricey but then again you can't really get this anywhere else.
It may not be the original Peking Duck but I guess it comes close enough to try.
So unless you wanna buy the roasted duck and try making it yourself - give it a try.

 Halal Itik Panggang

Geylang Bazaar
(Near Haig Road Banquet)

Operating Hours: 2.00pm - 11.30pm

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