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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bussorah Street Bazaar - Mini Otah-Otah

So I recently dropped by the Bussorah Street Bazaar Ramadhan to see how it was this year.
Firstly, it's smaller. Secondly, it's shifted slightly. It's no longer along the same stretch on the Kandahar/Bussorah main road this year. It's actually shifted onto the pathway along Sultan Mosque itself known as Muscat Street.

It's a pretty packed environment truth be told. Just a narrow lane with stalls flanking each side.
Most of them are selling pretty much the same thing. You've got your lauk-pauk to go along with your rice. Kebabs are always around just like the burger stalls. There are some shops selling your kuih-muih Melayu (although classic favourites like Bubur Som-Som and Kuih Jongkong seemed to be missing. Or maybe I was too early/late). Some unique stalls selling Naan and even one selling Bosnian food are there.

There was one stall that did catch my eye though.

Mini Otah-Otah (5 for $2.00)

There was this guy slaving over an electric grill with what seemed like otah-otah.
Really really small otah-otah.

I'm actually a sucker for otah-otah believe it or not so how could I possible resist this.
I'm definitely used to seeing the normal otah-otah around and quite a lot of different variations nowadays but this was actually the first time I was seeing the Mini variety.

You may see this guys working hard to grill the otah-otah.

I didn't get a chance to ask his name because he seemed so busy but I'm going to call him 'Guy Smiley'. Why? Because the guys was smiling all the time! And to me that was a real plus point.

He would literally look you in the eye and give you this wide smile which was really inviting and said to me "Come try my otah-otah bro!" And so I did.

And yes yes I know. The lady besides him looks like she's making the hand signal for money.

Don't be fooled by the small size of the otah-otah - it still packs a punch!

The otah itself does not contain too much flour (like some of the others you might get nowadays) nor does it have too much coconut in it. Just the right mix if you ask me but my darling wife doesn't really fancy the coconut aspect of the otah-otah. But we both agree it also manages to be a bit on the spicy side!

And I took a photograph but it wasn't really clear - there are some pretty considerable chunks of fish you might find in your otah-otah. This definitely gives it a nice texture with some bite rather than your average flat red otah-otah which may be tasty but does tend to be a bit... lembik if you know what I mean.

Adam's Verdict:
Mini Otah-Otah 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Mini Otah-Otah 3/5

This shop also sells Pau Johor if you want to try it.
But I definitely recommend the Mini Otah-Otah. Please buy me some too okay! 

Anjung Otah-Otah Mini / Pau Johor

Bussorah Street Ramadhan Food Fest 2012
Bussirah Mall/Muscat Street

Operating Hours: 3.00pn til 8.00pm (21 July til 17 August)


  1. super des plats halal est vraiment très très délicieux

  2. I have spent hourrrs on your blog! Cant believe i just discovered halalfoodblog now!! Anyway, just wondering if you have tried Nam San mackerel otah, the best otah ive ever had tbh! The add is 261 joo chiat rd, and they are 24 hours, a plus!

    1. Hey! Thanks for your comment and for your support! Glad you enjoy reading our humble blog!!
      Wah! Otah Otah! How to resist! And you're right being 24hrs is a big plus!!

      Hope we get to visit there soon and we'll be sure to dedicate the post to you!! :)

      Thanks again and keep on makan-ing!

  3. Have to mention its certified halal of course!