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Monday, March 24, 2014

The Chicken Rice Chronicles Part 4: Tang Tea House

Aha! We have finally reached Part 4 in our series for Chicken Rice.
"Series?? What series???" you might be asking... Well, you might want to read THIS first then...

Okay ready? This time we are at Tang Tea House!

Chicken Rice ($4.00)
Okay let me start by saying that that picture up there actually shows a HALF CHICKEN serving.
The normal serving for 1 person is definitely lesser chicken than that but you'll see why we ended up with half a chicken by the end of this post...

I think those who have eaten at Tang Tea House will probably know what I'm talking about...

What's so nice about the Chicken Rice at Tang Tea House?
Well, in our humble opinion - it's gotta be the Roasted Chicken!

The meat is well-cooked and super tended. I'm not sure what technique they are employing here but it obviously works wonders and we've never had a time where we regretted ordering the Roasted Chicken at Tang Tea House (sometimes we even order it as is and without rice!)

The meat is super tender and the skin has a nice subtle crisp to it if you're lucky to get that part.
Well, we always order a half chicken so we ALWAYS get that part. Yes seriously. We always order half a chicken. No joke.

And that nice salty gravy that comes along with it... Ooohhhhh... That's the best part to me.
I know I know it's salty and you should eat in moderation but I think I love it too much. It definitely enhances the flavour overall if you ask me.

The rice as just so-so to be perfectly honest with you.
Yeah sure you do get some of the Chicken Rice flavour that you'd expect but it's really a very strong flavour.
Nice and grainy I guess but we have tasted better rice.

But my darling wife did rather like it though... Maybe it's just me...

The chilli is where the team's opinions kinda differ a little bit...

My Mum and my darling wife both adore the chilli. My mum says it's the bomb and even goes as far as to say it's 'the real thing'. I'm guessing she's saying that because it's more on the spicy side and less sweet compared to other Chicken Rice chillies around. My darling wife says it was "just nice".

I actually didn't like the chilli very much.
I guess I'm more used to the type of Chicken Rice chilli with a bit more vinegar and/or sugar. But you can see how thick the chilli's texture is so you know it's packing quite a punch!

Adam's Verdict:
Chicken 5/5 -- Rice 2.5/5 -- Chilli 2.5/5 -- Overall 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Chicken 5/5 -- Rice 3/5 -- Chilli 3.5/5 -- Overall 4.5/5

Asmah's Verdict:
Chicken 5/5 -- Rice 2/5 -- Chilli 4/5 -- Overall 4/5

Well it looks like Tang Tea House is tops so far in our list of Chicken Rice stalls for this series...
But then again, this is only part 3... Many more to come!!

But hey... let me repeat again... The Roasted Chicken at Tang Tea House is really the bomb!!!
It's minimum half a chicken whenever we go... Seriously...

Tang Tea House

359 Bedok Road

Operating Hours:
11.00am til 4.00am Daily


  1. You should try the chicken rice nearby clementi! its good!
    Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
    354 Clementi Avenue 2 Singapore 120354

  2. Tang Tea House is good but you know what is even better?? A halal hainanese chicken rice shop at Bedok Corner Hawker Center! Do check it out. This time around even half a chicken wouldn't be enough.

  3. We believe you're referring to TFF Chicken Rice!! Don't worry its on the list!! :)

  4. We've tried all the eating places featured in this Chicken Rice Chronicles series...& would like to share our thoughts: the best rice is at MacKenzie Rex (Prinsep St outlet), but the best chicken & condiments has to be at Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice at Clementi Ave 2.

    Do try it & see if you agree! ^_^

    - HZ & Kimmy -

    1. Hi HZ & Kimmy!!

      Definitely Rex is the best! In fact.. it's next to be posted up!! :P
      And we're so honoured you're following the series so closely!! How about coming with us on our next visit to a Chicken Rice place on the list? Drop us an email at thehalalfoodblog@gmail.com or PM us on our FB if you're interested okay :)

      Thanks for your support and keep on makan-ing!!

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog Team

  5. why do you guys just love to eat the roasted ones? Unfortunately, Singapore has one of the suckiest place for Halal Hainanese Chicken Rice; I'm talking about the original white steamed chicken. I've tried most places but it was quite mediocre. There are some places I've never tried it yet though like Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice etc. I've been looking somewhere good to be par with the famous Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice but the Halal version. And NO! Rex has drop its standard very low. It sucks so bad nowadays. Actually, it's been quite some time already. I've never got the best out of Halal Hainanese chicken rice yet.

    P.s Late Grandma was a Chinese Muslim who cooked one of the best Hainanese Chicken Rice ever and now she's gone I'm been searching for the best because Hainanese Chicken Rice is my most favourite food and I'm a chicken rice enthusiast myself. I rarely eat the roasted ones though.

    Malay-Chinese Muslim Dude.