We have moved!

We have moved!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey guys! Just wanted to spread the word on a great new food delivery service we tried recently!

Nowadays, food delivery is quite a big deal with a lot of restaurants and eateries offering a delivery service just in case you can't drop by the restaurant for a meal. And it's not just fast food anymore! Let's face it - sometimes, we are simply too busy to step out to get something to eat especially when it happens to be a busy day at the office. And when hunger strikes, it's delivery time!!

There used to be a few food delivery services in Singapore in the past but they seem to have faded away for some reason or other. Well, now we have Foodpanda to the rescue!!

Foodpanda has been around for a couple of years but things are really picking up and they are more popular than ever now! They currently operate in more than 20 countries worldwide so they must be doing something good right?

And the best part is they have quite a large number of Halal eateries for use to choose from!
Almost 20 at the moment with more to come we hope!

Trust us - it's really simple to use!
Let me run through our recent experience and you'll see how easy and fast it is!!

Step 1 - www.foodpanda.sg
So you navigate your web browser to www.foodpanda.sg for a start and all you have to do is enter your postcode so that they system can narrow down which eateries can deliver to your area. The system will also narrow it down for you based on eateries that are currently Open at the time you are ordering.

But don't worry, you'll also be able to place advanced orders if that's what you need.

Step 2 - Choose your restaurant and food
Next, choose which restaurant you'd like to order from.
There's even a handy filter so you can filter out just the Halal restaurants to be displayed. From there you can see information such as the Estimated Delivery, Minimum Order and if any delivery fee is applicable. Some places have free delivery!!

And then Step 3 - view the menu and order your food!!

Once you've chosen your food and your payment method (you can choose either Cash on Delivery or Electronic Payment methods like Credit Card or even PayPal), then you are all set! Food is on its way!! Really simple right??

And in a short while, you should be tucking into your food!!

I tried Foodpanda one day in the office when it just too busy a day to head out for lunch and I was really impressed. Easy to use and no problems at all with the order which came on time!

And if that's not simple enough - they also have an App for you to use on the go!!
Available on both Apple and Android

And if you ever need any assistance, they have a hotline to call and also this cool LiveChat feature where someone answers any questions you might have immediately!!

All I had to do was ask a question and I pretty much got the answer I was looking for.
Not only is the ordering of the food easy but so is the customer support!!

As of now, Foodpanda currently offers delivery for almost 20 Halal eateries and hopefully more to come! That's quite a list of Halal eateries listed on Foodpanda.sg!!!

This is the current list we managed to compile;

Makan Makan Western Food
Bokhara Biryani & Kebab
Golden Pillow 933
Andhra Curry
BarBQ Tonight
The Korea Food Company
Yu Xian Yan Birdnest
Friends Alley Catering
Canadian Pizza 2for1
Mad Jack
Ha-ven Gourmet Pizza
The Orange Lantern
Food On Fire SD

And if you get your hands on a special discount code/voucher, you could enjoy discounts on your food order or even free delivery!! POWER OR WHAT!!

Signing up for an account is free so you should definitely sign up for one today.
Have a look through and you never know - you might wanna order something immediately!!
Hungry and can't step out? Foodpanda to the rescue!!


Tel: +65 658YUMMY

Delivery Hours:
Depends on eatery/restaurant

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