We have moved!

We have moved!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

IndoChili Part II

Our original review of IndoChili was a whopping success with a massive response! Even til today I'm still getting messages and emails inquiring about and praising IndoChili!

I'm not sure why it took me so long but finally found the time for a 2nd visit!
This time, it was dinner with some colleagues so more chance to sample some of the other inviting dishes on the menu!

Sate Ayam Madura ($7.80)
Still a hot favourite is the Sate Ayam Madura!
Soft tender chicken is going to make you go back for the next stick and the peanut sate gravy is actually really really delicious. It adds just the right touch to go with the chicken sate which was been grilled to perfection.

In our original post, we had 2 sticks of the Sate Ayam Madura which came with the Welcoming Platter. I said I would get the full 5-stick plate on the next visit right? Well we ordered 2 servings! Craving satisfied!

For the mains, since there was a group of us, we had some white rice with some dishes to go along.

Ayam Panggang Padang ($8.80)
I honestly would have gone for another choice like the Ayam Bumbu Rojak or something but thankfully, someone ordered this dish instead and what a welcome surprise!

The chicken was really grilled to tender perfection! And don't let the lack of gravy fool you because the chicken was very flavourful and the minimal coating actually gives you just the right hints of flavour.
Looks like they really know how to grill their chicken right at IndoChili!

Cumi Sambal Balado
Talk about a beautiful presentation!
All you chili lovers out there rejoice - the spicy dishes have arrived!

The squid was not overcooked and the Balado gives you a nice mouthful of heat and chili flavour to go along. I'm not much of a squid fan but I do love me a good Balado. And some of you might be thinking that it's going to be unbearably spicy but it's  not - it's just right!

Kacang Panjang Balado
Someone had this the last time they visited and simply swore by it.
Long Beans smothered with Sambal Balado will pretty much go with any other dishes you're having with your rice.

Delicious chili flavour as always with the Sambal Balado without burning your mouth off.

Cah Kangkung ($8.80)
Another fave is always the Kangkung am I right?
But don't worry, this one is not that spicy because there's some Belachan in there to take the spicy edge off.
I know it looks fiery and spicy but I reckon this was probably the least spicy of all the dishes we had.

There is actually one more dish that I wanted to add but it was so delicious that I totally missed out on snapping a photo of it before it was snapped up. So I may not be able to include in this post but for those who trust me - order the Rendang Sapi. Seriously!

Adam's Verdict:
Sate Ayam Madura 4/5 -- Ayam Panggang Padang 3.5/5 -- Cumi Sambal Balado 2.5/5
Kacang Panjang Balado 4/5 -- Cah Kangkung 3.5/5

IndoChili is not just a great place for a quiet evening dinner for 2 but also great for dinner functions with colleagues and a group of friends. Good food and good company always go well together and I right??

And in case you were wondering - YES! It was Es Teler for dessert!!
(And yes it's still the bomb)


54 Zion Road

Tel: 6445 1766 / 8168 4958

Operating Hours: 
11.30am til 10.30pm Daily

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