We have moved!

We have moved!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tong Seng Coffeeshop - Wanton Noodles

Now I'm sure many of you have gone to Tong Seng before.
This makan corner just across the road from Bugis Junction has been churning out Halal Chinese-style food for years upon years and people still flock there.

They've got quite a few things to offer actually but the different food items available are basically from different stalls which make up the 'Tong Seng Family' so to speak. From Chicken Rice to Lor Mee to breakfast items like Nasi Lemak and Epok-Epok. Apparently Tong Seng has 'em all.

So my old buddies Joseph & Rita and I frequent Tong Seng for one thing and one thing only.
We fondly refer to it as 'Halal Wanton'. But the truth it... it's something else that draws us back...

Wanton Noodles ($3.50)
Some noodles, some veggies and some Halal Wanton.
Can't get any simpler than that.

But then again, with something so simple I guess you can't really expect much.
Sure there's some flavour but with most noodle dishes, it's the side offerings that are supposed to give you a little bit of kick to keep you coming back for more.

And in this case, I guess it's supposed to be the wantons.

Fried Wanton ($3.00)
So you can also order the wantons as a side dish if you'd like.

They do have a nice crispy crunch to it and the the filling is pretty flavourful.
Everyone loves a nice crackle when you bite into something fried and this wanton definitely dies that.
And don't worry, that white stuff isn't salt. It's probably flour.

Speaking of salt...

This is the soup that comes with your order of noodles.
That's right.

We always joke and call it 'Ajinomoto Soup' because that's what we get.
A nice bowl of teeth-chattering, salty-goodness soup. I remember there was one time when we probably got the last scrapes at the bottom of the pot and that soup was salt-eeeeeeeeee to the max.
Not that I'm complaining.

As Joseph says "That'll put hair on your balls!".
And if you have no balls? Well, then maybe this will grow you some balls!

But I am glad to report that the soup has definitely mellowed down over the years...
It's not salty to a point that it's inedible. In fact, I think it goes very well with the noodled you'll order.
I drop a wanton or 3 to let them soak in the soupy goodness before chomping down.

Adam's Verdict:
Wanton Noodles 2.5/5 -- Fried Wanton 3/5

Joseph's Verdict:
Wanton Noodles 3/5 -- Fried Wanton 3/5

Rita's Verdict:
Wanton Noodles 2/5 -- Fried Wanton 3/5

So if you're in the area and need a place to chomp and chat with friends.
Head down to Tong Seng and have some wanton. And soup.

PS please pardon the shoddy photography in this post..
There must have been a lunar eclipse or something. Better pics next time we go!

Tong Seng Coffeshop

496 North Beach Road
Tel: 6338 0163

Operating Hours: 6.00am til 11.00pm Daily


  1. Replies
    1. Sucks right!!!
      Well hopefully everyone gets to visit at least a few times more before they close...

      Adam Shah
      The Halal Food Blog

  2. when are the closing down? :( so sad, why they have to close down.

    1. We heard that the owner sold off the whole premises to a new party.
      No news yet on what the plans are once the new owners take over...

      Go get some food from Tong Seng while you still can!

  3. There is no other fish soup stall that could replace theirs..... so sad. Sigh..

    1. Hopefully the stall will re-locate somewhere else so that you can still enjoy in future!! :)

  4. do you know when is the last day?

    1. Hi there! Last day of operations is supposed to be 14th October :(