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We have moved!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza

CANADIAN PIZZA! 2.. for.. 1... JENG!!
CANADIAN PIZZA! 2.. for.. 1... JENG!!

Love that commercial.

So we wrote about RITE Pizza before and then we went on to Sarpino's.
And now it's time for one of the originals - Canadian Pizza!

I remember back then you could only get pizza delivered from one place - Pizza Hut.
And then in the late 90s, Canadian 2-for-1 Pizza appeared on the scene and what a massive impact!
Not only another Halal pizza joint with delivery but offering 2 pizzas for the price of 1!

Well they have definitely grown since then and expanded their menu.
Now serving at least 26 different types of pizzas and other items like pasta, lasagna,chicken wings and even Shepard's Pie among other things, Canadian Pizza has definitely cemented its place in Singapore as one of the leaders in pizza delivery.

In fact, they even have expanded to a dine-in set-up as well...
Hmmm maybe it's time to check it out.

Hawaiian Pizza

Meat Lover
Who can resist a nice piping hot pizza?!

So you have a choice of ordering 3 different sizes;
Regular (10") for $23.90, Medium (12") for $31.90 or Extra Large (14") for $37.90.
So for that price, you get TWO pizzas!

And as you can see from the pictures above, they are very generous with the toppings!
Turkey Ham, Pineapple and 2 different types of cheese on the Hawaiian.
Minced Beef, Pepperoni, Salami,Turkey Ham and Italian sausage on the Meat Lovers.
If your mouth is not watering yet, click HERE for the full menu and descriptions.

Adam's Verdict:
Hawaiian Pizza 3/5 -- Meat Lover 4/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Hawaiian Pizza 3.5/5 -- Meat Lover 3.5/5

And it's not always the case, but this time, there was something wrong with the pizzas.
I'm not sure if it was a newbie making the pizzas or they were in a rush but they didn't cook it long enough so the bottom of the pizza didn't crisp up and turned soggy because of the tomato sauce.
This meant lots of dripping when you lift up your pizza slice.

But like I said, seldom happens.
And I hope it never happens again. Ever.

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza

Delivery Hotline: 6241 0241

Operating Hours: 11.00am til 10.00pm Daily