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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nasi Lemak Kukus - Clarification on Halal Certification

So you guys remember the post about Nasi Lemak Kukus right?
It turned out to be one of the most popular posts on the blog for a very long time.

Well anyways, someone raised concerns that Nasi Lemak Kukus was "NOT certified Halal".

My first instinct was to say "It's call The Halal Food Blog and not The Certified Halal Restaurants Blog" but of course I'm not gonna say that right. After all, it's my responsibility to research and justify any post on my blog so that's exactly what I wanted to do.

When we went to Nasi Lemak Kukus to makan, we didn't see any Halal certificate being displayed but we asked the workers there (who were all makciks wearing tudung mind you) and they said indeed that Nasi Lemak Kukus was Halal.

So I emailed Nasi Lemak Kukus to clarify the matter once and for all.

So all I wanted to know is whether or not Nasi Lemak Kukus was officially certified Halal by MUIS.
And if so, why no certificate was being displayed on premises.

And a few days later, a gentlemen named Lester (Operations Manager) replied to my email.

So Lester puts forth the facts that 1)all the food and ingredients are from Halal-certified suppliers and 2)it's prepared and served by his staff who are "all Muslim".

So it is my duty to inform the loyal readers of my blog that Nasi Lemak Kukus claims that they serve Halal food BUT they are NOT certified Halal by MUIS. And I know it's technically a big deal that a makan place does not have a Halal certificate but I'm sure some may not think much of it and I am in no position to judge.

So I leave it to you, my readers, to make your own decisions for I am here to provide only the facts which were provided to me by the proprietors of Nasi Lemak Kukus.

Hope I managed to clear any doubts. :)

PS you can read the review on Nasi Lemak Kukus HERE

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