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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mayson's Bakery - Egg Tarts

So if remember awhile back my darling wife and I visited Jurong Point because I had to go for a reservist thing in the area. I posted earlier about having dinner. Well, this is what we had for dessert.

I'll be honest right off the bat and say I've never actually ever been a big fan of egg tarts. I mean, I love eggs and I love custard. And I'll eat the egg tarts but I wouldn't necessarily run out just to buy a few y'know what I mean?

And another thing is the so-called difference between 'Egg Tarts' and 'Portugese Egg Tarts'. Aren't they the same thing???

Well the main difference that I can tell is that the 'Portugese' version has a nice brûlée on top. This literally means that the custard is scorched or 'burnt' to give it a nice caramel layer for the sweet touch. I also found out that Egg Tarts apparently come from Macau/Hong Kong and are even considered as Dim Sum.

Well, go figure.
I'm just here to tell you if the ones I bought tasted good

 Portuguese Egg Tart ($1.30)

The only reason I happened to chance upon this joint was because I had to go back to camp for some reservist nonsense and that's all the way in the west. My darling wife came to fetch me and after some dinner, we decided to grab some egg tarts.

Mayson's Bakery offers quite a wide variety of baked good but we were just interested in the egg tarts this time and they also had quite a few varieties of that.

The egg tart itself was actually quite reasonable sized. Just about an average palm-size.
Nice brûlée action going on there and the custard below was creamy and tasty. The one problem I did have though was the pastry. I found it to be a little of on the dry and tough side. I expected it to be a little bit more flaky than what I got.

Chocolate Egg Tart / Durian Egg Tart / Blueberry Egg Tart
($1.60 each)

We also tried 3 of their flavoured egg tarts.
I have to say the best was the Chocolate only because, well, it was chocolate.
I thought I'd enjoy the Blueberry one the most because I love blueberry jam (especially on my pancakes) but the sweetness of the jam doesn't really go well with the egg custard in my opinion.

The absolute worst was the Durian. Because - it's durian kaya and NOT durian. Total fail.
My darling wife didn't even want to try the thing!

They also actually offer a Cheese Egg Tart which happened to be sold out.
A sign that it rocks maybe?

Adam's Verdict:
Portuguese Egg Tart 2.5/5 -- Chocolate Egg Tart 3/5 -- Durian Egg Tart 0.5/5 --
Blueberry Egg Tart 2/5

Maryah's Verdict:
Portuguese Egg Tart 3/5 -- Chocolate Egg Tart 3.5/5 --Blueberry Egg Tart 4/5

Well this experience definitely has not changed my opinion of egg tarts at all.
If you happen to be in the west side for whatever reason, maybe go check it out. And if you're buying me some please don't buy the Durian one.

Mayson's Bakery

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
63 Jurong West Central 3 #01-66/75


Operating Hours
06.00am – 10.30pm (Mon-Sat)
07.00am – 11.00pm (Sun)

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