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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Otak-Otak Kampong Wak Murset

In case you don't know by now - I loves me some otah-otah!

But believe it or not, it's not that easy to find a place where you can call a go-to place for otah-otah.
I mean think about it. Where do you normally get your otah-otah?
At the odd pasar malam when it pops out? At some random dude selling it from a table in your neighbourhood? (that's illegal by the way)

Well, now you can pop by Geylang Market when you're itching for some otah-otah!

Otak-Otak Kampon Wak Murset seems like a joint that really know what they're doing.
Their main product is of course - otah-otah. In fact, it's "100% Otak-Otak Kelapa Anak Melayu".
But they do also sell otak-otak rempah and other things needed for making otah-otah like coconut leaves and even the toothpicks!

But was their otah-otah any good?

Otak-Otak ($2 for 5)

Doesn't that look lovely?

The otah-otah paste is made daily so you know it's going to be fresh.
And when I went there was a queue... which is not necessarily a bad thing if you think about it. If there is a queue, this means the product is gonna be freshly cooked when you get it.
This means piping hot fresh otah-otah hot off the grill!!

The otah-otah I normally buy (from the pasar malam) is usually red-ish and quite a solid chunk of otah.
Meaning it's actually got quite a lot of flour in it and it becomes a solid piece which you can flap about (you know what I mean right)

As you can see above, the otak-otak from Wampong Wak Murset do not really resemble that type of otah-otah at all. It's nowhere even close to the shade of red I was expecting. I guess the closest comparison I can make it that this version is... drier.

This is because it's made up mostly of coconut and you still get substantial chunks of tasty fish in each bite.
But because of that, my darling wife didn't really fancy the strong coconut influence on the otak-otak. She says it's good and tasty but those of you who don't fancy coconut... Ehhhh...
And although some might point out that this is actually the traditional way of making otah-otah, I'm guessing some people may feel that they still prefer the type we are so accustomed to nowadays.

Adam's Verdict
Otak-Otak 3.75/5

Maryah's Verdict
Otak-Otak 2.5/5

So there's no denying that this is a tasty otah-otah.
I guess it just boils down to your preference whether you are dead-set on the type of otah we get at the modern day pasar malam or whether you like the more coconut-y traditional version.

Otak-Otak Kampong Wak Murset

Geylang Serai Stall #02-165
Geylang Serai Market
Tel: 94463549

Operating Hours: 10.00am til 7.00pm daily

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