We have moved!

We have moved!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Image courtesy of FIX

All you cafe lovers are gonna be so hyped about this one I tell you.
I am personally not a cafe guy myself but boy oh boy did we enjoy ourselves at FIX!

Have you guys passed by a place called GRUB located at Bishan Park? Well, if you have and you long to eat there, unfortunately it's NOT certified Halal... But the great news is that the same people who brought GRUB to life have opened a new hotspot!

Located at the HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse in Balestier, FIX is a great little cafe set by the poolside (YES! POOLSIDE!) and offers "Original Handmade Goods" for our enjoyment. Well, they can handmake everything but more importantly - it's gotta be delicious right?

Well, it IS!!
Let us give you a rundown on some of the goodies!

Brunch FIX ($14.00)
All you breakfast/brunch kakis can rejoice! Got something good for you here...
If I'm gonna have breakfast/brunch (especially early on the weekends), it had better really really good to make me wanna drag myself out of bed...

A nice hearty start to the day with the Brunch FIX!
A nice big serving of scrambled eggs, a nice thick cut of smoked turkey ham, sauteed mushrooms and a slice of Brioche french toast is definitely enough to drag my lazy butt out of bed!!

The brioche was nice and soft and buttery I wish they had more than one slice so I can pile on the eggs and take a nice big chomp. Mushrooms are always welcome on my plate (and in my tummy) but I think my favourite part of the platter was the smoked turkey ham!

ZOMG that's a nice thick slice of smoked turkey ham how can I say no to that.
Nice and tasty flavour. Nice and just the right touch of salty. I'm sure you know what I mean right.

But if you're the 'get-your-hands-on-the-food' kind of person, FIX has just the thing...

Beef and Kimchi Naanwich ($10.00)
Chicken Tikka Naanwich ($10.00)
Mushroom and Feta Naanwich ($10.00)
Smoked Turkey Ham and Cheese Naanwich ($10.00)
Lo an behold! The Naanwich!!

The Naanwich is a cross between a sandwich and a wrap so you can choose either to have it as an open-faced sandwich and be neat with a fork and knife or you can get down and dirty and have it a wrap. And the bread is basically a, you guessed it, Naan!

I honestly tried the gentlemanly approach and started out with the knife and fork but after awhile, I realized that the best way to enjoy this was to just pick it up and take nice big chomps!!

The Beef and Kimchi was a big surprise! First of all, when you mention beef in a Korean style, you're gonna expect a Beef Bulgogi kinda deal but these were nice and big chunks of tender beef! And the kimchi went really well to give you a nice full flavour! A must have if you're a fan of kimchi and Korean food!

Chicken Tikka and Naan together like... Chicken Tikka and Naan!
Add in a nice tangy Acar in there and you have a winner! This was my Darling Wife's favourite Naanwich!!

The Smoked Turkey Ham and Cheese Naanwich was my fave of the day. I just simply could not get enough of that smoked turkey ham!! But if they had added some of those sauteed mushrooms in there... FUYOH!!

I also thought the Mushroom and Feta Naanwich was really nice because it had 2 of my fave things but maybe I was looking for something with a bit more bite since I was so hungry! This Naanwich is actually suitable for vegetarians!!

Anyways, in case you didn't spot it, there's a nice 3/4 boiled egg on the top for you.
Perfect eggy-creamy topping!

PS don't forget your side order of Nachos!
3-Cheese Penne Gratin ($10.00)
But if Naanwiches aren't your thing (how can they not be?!), fret not!
Besides alternative mains like the Butternut, Feta and Spinach Quiche and the Fish $ Chips, why not take the creamier (a little more sinful) route?

I'm not sure what are the 3 different cheeses in the 3-Cheese Penne Gratin but I don't think it matters that much if you're a cheese lover like me because as long as there is cheese, you can't go wrong. And all the better if it's a nice and gooey cheese!

Just how gooey do we mean?

Crispy Soy Chicken Drumlets ($7.00)
If a lighter snack is what you are after, we highly recommend the Crispy Soy Chicken Drumlets!
These drumlets are coated perfectly to give you a nice crispy crunch when you chomp down. Even if you're taking your time with your meal, these drumlets still retain their crunch even after they have cooled down a little. A sign of a truly good crispy coating! (That means wanna bungkus also can!)

The soy glaze that coats the chicken is not at all overpowering and has a nice flavour. I think it's good that they don't completely cover the chicken drumlets with the sauce/glaze.

Now if only they'd release a winglets version... *hint hint*

Lemon Curd Milkshake ($7.00)
Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake ($7.00)
Black Sesame with Brittle Milkshake ($7.00)
Butterscotch with Toasted Coconut Milkshake ($7.00)
FIX also has a series of Specialty Milkshakes to suit all tastes with some really unique and interesting flavours that you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

I personally like the Lemon Curd Milkshake while my Darling Wife preferred the Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Banana Milkshake. Mein Brudder, in the biggest surprise of the day, chose the Black Sesame with Brittle Milkshake as his favourite!

So you can see that there's something for everyone! And you might even find something you never thought you'd like!

But if wanna minum air panas also got!!

They've got a selection of coffees and teas to suit your tastes if you don't feel like a milkshake.
Or perhaps some 'homemade' drinks like Iced Lemon Tea or Iced Lemongrass Tea?

But let me tell you something you should definitely not miss...

Pick your choice of dessert!
Butterscotch Arabica Choux ($6.00)
This is not your average dainty bite-sized Choux (pronounced Shoo). As you can see it almost matches up the coffee cup!

You'll get a hint of coffee in the Chantilly cream which is generously piped in and a caramel surprise awaits you in the middle! This is definitely going to be one of the more popular options especially if you're a coffee lover.

Twice-Baked Sourcream Cheesecake ($7.00)
Passionfruit, Mango and Coconut Chiffon Cake ($7.00)
Cheesecake lovers (like me) will have a hard time saying no to the Twice-Baked Sourcream Cheesecake because it not only looks good and sounds good but it tastes so good too! Definitely a must have in my book.

Looking for a more fruity flavour? Then try the Passionfruit, Mango and Coconut Chiffon Cake. I was surprised at how light this cake was but yet still so full of flavour. The combination of Passionfruit and Mango really do go well together!

Strawberry Pistachio Rose Tart ($6.00)
For something a little more on the heavy side of dessert, why not try the Strawberry Pistachio Rose Tart which has a Pistachio-based tart and stopped off with some fresh sweet Strawberries. And where is the 'rose' bit you ask? Well, the pink cream you see on top is a very delicate rose-flavoured cream which will mellow down the tang of the strawberries for you.

Try it and you will see what we mean :)
PS that's one of my favourite pictures in this whole post LOL

Cacao Barry Chocolate Truffle Cake ($7.00)
Don't worry... FIX has not forgotten all you chocolate lovers out there...
I could almost hear the whispers of "Eh why no chocolate cake ah?"...

Well, this is a really really rich and decadent slice of chocolate cake let me tell you that!
Every bite we took was really a mouthful of chocolate goodness! You definitely won't be complaining about any lack of chocolate after a slice of this!

Donuts ($7.00)
But the surprise hit among the desserts we had was the Donuts.
Can you believe it? The Donuts came out of nowhere and knocked our socks off!

They're little bite-sized donuts that are covered with powdered sugar and you have a choice of dips which is where the fun really begins...

Lemon Custard Dip & Salted Egg Yolk Dip
Yes. That's right. SALTED EGG YOLK DIP.

The Lemon Custard was bursting with zesty and tangy lemon flavour and definitely makes you pucker up when the sour notes hit you. So if that's not your thing, then try the Salted Egg Yolk Dip.

Most of you will probably know that we have a thing for Salted Egg Yolk...
We've had it with our seafood and even as the filling in a pau but this was the first time we've had it as a dip (and for donuts no less) and it definitely won't be the last time!

The Salted Egg Yolk flavour really shines through and is not overly sweet at all. It went so well with the donuts and we were so surprised! Perhaps it has to do with the quality of the ingredients and they are not afraid to ensure you get a high quality meal!

Just look at that consistency! Not at all watery!
Full marks for the idea and full marks for the taste! Simply put - THIS WAS THE BOMB!!

Another thing we really like about FIX was the whole concept of the place.
The food was 'handmade' and so was most of the furniture and decor too!

FIX has got a bit of an industrial / DIY / built-to-last kind of feel and we feel their message comes through loud and clear not only in the decor but even in their food too. For example - the Naanwich.
You can choose how you wanna eat it. You can have it as is or you can choose to FIX it up.
See what we mean?

I can just imagine dropping by and having some great food by the poolside. Might even take a dip and enjoy a nice cool milkshake while soaking in the sunshine.

In need of some good food? In need of a chillax session? In need of a FIX?
Head down to Balestier now. You won't regret it.

PS please note that FIX is in the midst of receiving their Halal certification.
We will update again once the certificate has arrived! Won't be long now we hope!


31 Ah Hood Rd
HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse

Tel: 6256 1484


Operating Hours:

9:30am - 10:30pm Daily

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