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Monday, June 2, 2014

Popeyes - Chili Garlic Wicked Chicken

So I received this brochure with the coupons in my mail for some goodies at Popeyes.
As soon as I saw the latest 'promo' item on the front, I thought to myself (in the immortal words of my good buddy, Joseph) "Mmmm... I want somma that!!" (or something along those lines).

In all honesty, that looked like some mighty fine chicken and the thought of the 'Chili Garlic' flavour really made my mouth water. In fact, I was so eager that I stepped out for lunch one day and hopped over to the nearest Popeyes at Bedok Point.

And this is what I got...

Chili Garlic Wicked Chicken with Red Rice ($6.90)
Let's take a closer look at that from above...
Just to show you the whole platter in case you think you're missing the big picture.

Okay now scroll back up to the top of the post and compare those two pictures with the first one of the brochure. Does it look like the same dish in those photos? Because the name is the same so it has to be the same dish in all 3 photos right? But why do they look so different???

Listen. I don't mean to be nit-picky and look at all the small stuff but hey - the picture on the brochure shows the chicken completely covered in the Chili Garlic sauce and that's what I thought I'd be getting. Sorry but I'm the 'Sauce Guy' and I wanted to try this dish because of the sauce.

Anyways, the chicken is the type which is the flat chicken strips so it tends to be a bit dry. Which is why the sauce would have been nice. And to be honest - the sauce was not bad! Only too little!!

Maybe if they are finding it a challenge to completely coat the chicken strips in the sauce, they should just serve the chicken and rice with a bowl of the sauce on the side so that we can just dip it in ourselves and at least be content with the amount of sauce on our chicken.

Okay fine. Enough about the chicken...

Yes. The 'Red Rice' is white.
I read on Popeyes Facebook page that the 'Red' in 'Red Rice' actually refers to the spices and seasoning to give the 'Red Rice' it's unique flavour that will go well with the Wicked Chicken.

Well, the rice I got was neither red in colour nor the taste.
It tasted just like normal white rice!!

And then I read further on Popeyes Facebook page and realized that I was not the only one who had a problem... Plenty of other people were leaving comments and feedback about this as well. I guess maybe something went wrong somewhere because there didn't seem to be a whole lot of Red Rice anywhere... And that price of $6.90 did not even include any drink or side order...

Mashed Potato
Luckily for me, I opted to top-up $2.90 for a drink and a side order of Popeyes famous Mashed Potato which is probably the best mashed potato you can find in any fast food joint in Singapore.

Well, at least my whole meal wasn't too bad. A little too pricey for something where you're not satisfied at the end of it I say.

Adam's Verdict:
Chili Garlic Wicked Chicken 1.5/5

I used to think that Burger King was at the bottom of my list when it came to fast food standards but they recently redeemed themselves with their King Dogs.
Looks like Popeyes has a lot to do to buck up.


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